The Usual Suspects (1995) Body Count Breakdown

The Usual Suspects (1995) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Michael McManus (Stephen Baldwin): 11
Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey): 6
Todd Hockney (Kevin Pollak): 5
Keyser Soze (Scott B. Morgan): 5
Dean Keaton (Gabriel Byrne): 4


Parking Garage: 3
-McManus shoots Saul’s 2 bodyguards.
-Verbal shoots Saul.

Introducing Keyser Soze: 6
-Soze’s son’s throat slit by a Hungarian thug.
-Soze shoots 2 thugs.
-Soze shoots his son, his wife, and his daughter.

Beach: 1
-Fenster found dead, killed by Soze’s men.

Office Building: 2
-McManus shoots Kobayashi’s 2 bodyguards.

Boat: 22
-Keaton shoots 2 thugs.
-McManus snipes 3 thugs.
-Hockney shoots 4 thugs.
-Keaton shoots 1 thug outside and 1 thug inside.
-McManus shoots 2 thugs inside boat (I counted them since they yell out and bodies hit the floor)
-Hockney shoots 1 thug.
-Verbal shoots Hockney.
-McManus shoots 2 thugs.
-1 thug shot by Verbal.
-Verbal shoots Arturro Marquez.
-McManus dies from a knife wound inflicted by Verbal.
-Verbal shoots Keaton.
-2 thugs’ dead bodies shown.

[NOTE: All of the kills for “Soze” on the boat are counted as Verbal’s kills, since he is Soze, but I didn’t count
the flashback kills as his because it’s unknown if it’s fictional or not and they are played by different actors.]


-Did not count the intro kills because they are the same kills as the ending.
-Many shots are fired offscreen during the boat assault, and it’s impossible to tell if they hit anyone.
-It’s unknown if anyone else was on the boat when it burned.
-Kujan says that Edie was killed at the ending, but it’s never shown.