The Opium War Body Count Breakdown

The Opium War (1997) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Governer Guan Tianpei (Jiang Hua) – 19
He Jingrong (Xiong Lang) – 10


Celestial Palace – 1
-Lin Zexu’s master is dragged away to be executed

Kill the Chicken to Scare the Monkey – 3
-3 Opium dealers hung

Adrift – 1
-1 British sailor died of disease

Assault on Peking – 15

-6 Imperial soldiers blown up by British cannons
-Soldiers stabs 2 Redcoats
-1 Imperial soldier’s corpse seen
-Soldiers stabs 1 Redcoat
-3 corpses seen
-1 Imperial soldier killed
-The General kills himself

A Disgraceful Death – 1
-Rong’ er executed by drowning

Battle to the End – 54
-3 Imperial soldiers blown up
-2 Imperial soldiers’ corpses seen
-1 Imperial soldier shot
-1 Redcoat shot
-1 Imperial soldier shot
-1 Imperial soldier stabbed
-2 Imperial soldiers’ corpses seen
-Imperial sergeant slash 1 Redcoat
-Imperial sergeant shot
-Jingrong kills 10 Redcoats
-Redcoats shoots Jingrong
-3 Imperial soldiers’ corpses seen
-2 Redcoats killed
-4 Imperial soldiers shot
-2 Imperial soldiers’ corpses seen
-Governor Guan blows up the remains of the fort, killing Captain Charles Elliot, himself, his butler Ah Shan and at least 16 Redcoats seen in vicinity of the area


-Thousands are supposed to have died in the Assault on Peking scene, but only a few deaths are shown,