The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Body Count Breakdown

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Raptors (CGI): 6
T-Rexes (CGI): 6
Dr. Robert Burke (Thomas F. Duffy): 1
Compys (CGI): 1


T-Rex Midnight Ambush: 1
The T-Rex’s parents tear Eddie in half

Bloody River: 1
Dieter Stark is pecked apart off-screen by the Compies

Second Midnight Jungle Encounter: 8
An INGEN member is squashed by the T-Rex
Robert Burke runs out of his hiding spot after he notices a snake crawling on his shoulder; The T-Rex then grabs him and crunches his head open (Shared kill since the guy was a dumbass who ran into the open field thus accidentally sealing his fate)
6 of the INGEN team are slaughtered by the Raptors in the field (including a Black guy! :evil: )

San Diego, CA Madness: 3
A dead crewmate’s hand is seen implying that the rest of his body was taken by the T-Rex on the ship
A civilian is picked up and swallowed at a nearby Blockbuster store
INGEN CEO Peter Ludlow is killed by the baby T-Rex


*Compys pounce upon a young Camille Belle but she is mentioned as injured but still in living condition.
* Another dinosaur species (I think it was a Triceratops) is seen munching on another dino’s remains.
* Malcolm’s daughter Kelly kicks a Raptor onto a spiked edge, impaling it but since it’s an extinct mammal/non-human, I’m not including it.
* It’s possible that others of the INGEN team were killed by the Raptors but since Nick survived the onslaught for little explanation, there wasn’t enough emphasis on everyone being implied dead and there was an open field for plenty of opportunity to escape, I can’t count any of the unknown remaining team.
* Benjamin and his family witness the T-Rex in San Diego eating their dog but you guys know the rules already . . .
*The T-Rex bashes his body against a public bus but it’s most likely that all the passengers were injured.
* The Blockbuster store also was unlikely to have any more casulties.