The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002) (Extended Cut) Body Count Breakdown

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002) (Extended Cut) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94

(Edited with the assistance of Jawsunleashed)


Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson): 48
Legolas (Orlando Bloom): 92
Gimli (John Rhys-Davies): 25
Haldir (Craig Parker): 7
King Theoden (Bernard Hill): 5
Treebeard (John Rhys-Davies): 5
Gandalf (Ian McKellen): 1
Faramir (David Wenham): 1
Eomer (Karl Urban): 1
Pippin Took (Billy Boyd): 1
Merry Brandybuck (Dominic Monaghan): 1
Grima Wormtounge (Brad Dourif): 1
Rohirrim Soldier (Peter Jackson): 1


The Burning of the Westfold: 3
-3 innocent civilians killed by Uruk-Hai soldiers

Massacre at the Fords of Isen: 61
-61 human and Orc corpses seen throughout the battlefield

The Fate of Merry and Pippin: 17
-1 Orc beheaded and eaten by other Orcs
-10 Orcs and Uruk-Hai cut down by Rohirrim
-2 Orcs shot by Rohirrim soldiers
-1 other corpse visible in background
-3 Orcs cut down by Rohirrim Soldiers

Treebeard: 1
-1 Orc crushed by Treebeard

The White Wizard: 2
-Gandalf kills the Balrog
-Gandalf dies and is resurrected

The Funeral of Theodred: 1
-Theodred’s body is seen, poisoned by Grima Wormtounge

Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit: 31
-30 Haradrim soldiers shot by Gondorian archers (Includes soldiers seen falling off of Mumakils)
-1 Haradrim soldier shot by Faramir

The Wolves of Isengard: 32

-8 soldiers killed by Orcs and Wargs
-12 Orcs killed by Rohirrim
-2 Orcs killed by Aragorn
-3 Orcs killed by Legolas
-1 Orc’s neck snapped by Gimli
-2 Orcs killed by Theoden
-Lead Warg Rider mortally wounded by Aragorn
-3 additional bodies seen after the battle

Arwen’s Fate: 1
-Aragorn seen dead from old age in Arwen’s vision

The Window on the West: 1
-Boromir seen dead in Faramir’s dream sequence

The Battle of the Hornburg Begins: 108
-One Uruk-Hai accidentally shot by an archer
-8 Uruk-Hai killed by volley of Rohirrim arrows
-48 Uruk-Hai killed by volleys of Elven arrows
-1 Uruk-Hai shot by Legolas
-20 Elves killed by Uruk-Hai
-9 Uruk-Hai killed by Elves
-Aragorn kills 10 Uruk-Hai
-Gimli kills 5 Uruk-Hai
-Legolas kills 3 more Uruk-Hai
-Haldir kills 3 Uruk-Hai

The Breach of the Deeping Wall: 103
-Gimli kills 4 Uruk-Hai
-Uruk-Hai suicide bomber blows himself up
-Uruk-Hai detonates bombs, killing at least 41 Men, Elves and Uruk-Hai
-24 Uruk-Hai knocked off bridge by battering ram
-1 Uruk-Hai speared by a Rohirrim soldier (Peter Jackson)
-Aragorn kills 1 Uruk-Hai
-Legolas kills 3 more Uruk-Hai
-24 Uruk-Hai soldiers killed by Elves
-4 Elves killed by Uruk-Hai

Retreat to the Hornburg: 162
-Soldiers kill 12 Uruk-Hai
-Uruk-Hai kill 18 Soldiers
-Aragorn kills 27 Uruk-Hai
-Gimli kills 15 Uruk-Hai
-Legolas kills 3 Uruk-Hai
-Theoden kills 3 Uruk-Hai
-Haldir kills 4 Uruk-Hai
-Haldir killed by Uruk-Hai
-Legolas collapses a battle ladder, killing a minimum of 79 Uruk-Hai

The Nazgul Attack: 2
-2 corpses are seen in Osgiliath, killed during the Orc’s assault

Forth Eorlingas: 86

-Theoden kills 3 Uruk-Hai
-Aragorn kills 1 Uruk Hai
-1 Uruk-Hai killed by a soldier
-A minimum of 77 Uruk-Hai run down by horses on bridge (7 of which are Aragorn’s, though the kills of Legolas and Theoden are impossible to separate from the kills of the other soldiers)
-Legolas kills 1 Uruk-Hai
-Eomer’s men kill 2 Uruk-Hai
-Eomer kills 1 Uruk-Hai
-Unknown number of Orcs run down by Eomer’s men

The Flooding of Isengard: 335
-4 Orcs crushed by Treebeard
-28 Orcs crushed by Ents
-Pippin hits 1 Orc with a rock, causing it to fall to it’s death
-Merry kills another Orc with a thrown rock
-Approximately 301 Orcs consumed by floodwaters released by the Ents breaking the dam


Once again, I did not count Orcs knocked down or punched by soldiers, due to the unlikeliness of fatalities. I kept to the minimum at all times when counting large groups of Orcs being killed. If I was unsure of a kill, I didn’t count it. I also didn’t count people hitting offscreen without a victim being shown, because there is no way of confirming whether or not a hit was fatal. I didn’t count Wargs or horses in the final tally. The Balrog is debatable, but I counted it anyway.
Thousands are implied to have been killed in the Battle of Helm’s Deep and the Flooding of Isengard. I did not count Legolas’ and Gimli’s tallies of their own kills, I only counted the kills I saw them perform. I also did not count the bodies seen in the aftermath of the battle, because most of themn were likely already shown dying in the battle. I also did not count the Orcs running into the forest at the end as kills, because their deaths are also never shown, although they are implied.
The “Forth Eorlingas scene is nearly impossible to count, but 77 is the number I came up with. Theoden kills many of them, but due to the CGI, it’s impossible to tell how many he is killing. Legolas’ kills are likewise impossible to make out. Aragorn’s kills are easier, since he is shown to be separate from the rest of the group on the left, and Jaws managed to count seven of them before they also became impossible to count.
I also didn’t count the corpses in the dead marshes, as they kind of fall under the site’s policy for skeletons and corpses, especially since they are clearly just props.