The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003) (Extended Cut) Body Count Breakdown

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003) (Extended Cut) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson): 26
Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood): 1
Legolas (Orlando Bloom): 22
Gandalf (Ian McKellen): 11
Eowyn (Miranda Otto): 10
Gimli (John Rhys-Davies): 8
Merry (Dominic Monaghan): 6
Sam Gamgee (Sean Astin): 4
Faramir (David Wenham): 4
Pippin (Billy Boyd): 3
King Theoden (Bernard Hill): 2
Eomer (Karl Urban): 3
Gollum/ Smeagol (Andy Serkis): 1
Grima Wormtounge (Brad Dourif): 1
Gorbag (Stephen Ure): 2
Gothmog (Lawrence Malkore): 1


The Finding of the Ring: 1
-Smeagol strangles Deagol under the influence of the Ring

The Voice of Saruman: 2
-Saruman stabbed in the back by Grima
-Grima shot by Legolas

Minas Tirith: 1
-Boromir’s death is seen in a flashback

Osgiliath Invaded: 20
-Gondor Sentry shot by Orcs
-Faramir kills 3 Orcs
-Gondorian Soldiers kill 9 Orcs
-Orcs kill 7 soldiers

The Fall of Osgiliath: 46
-Faramir kills 1 Orc
-Other soldiers kill 16 Orcs
-Orcs kill 14 Soldiers
-Nazgul steeds kill 14 soldiers
-Faramir’s Lieutenant stabbed by Gothmog

The Siege of Gondor: 160
-Boulders flung from Orc catapults kill 17 soldiers and 9 civilians
-Boulders flung from Gondorian catapults crush 47 Orcs
-25 soldiers killed by Nazgul steeds
-1 Troll killed by archers
-1 Orc falls to his death off of a battle tower
-40 Orcs shot by archers
-12 soldiers killed by Orcs
-Gandalf kills 7 Orcs
-Pippin kills 1 Orc

The Corsairs of Umbar: 1
-1 Corsair shot by Legolas

Breaking the Gate of Gondor: 29
-War Trolls kill 15 soldiers
-Wargs kill 2 soldiers
-Orcs kill 1 soldier
-Soldiers kill 9 Orcs
-1 Troll killed by archers
-1 Troll’s throat sliced by Gandalf

The Witch King’s Hour: 19
-Trolls kill 6 more soldiers
-Orcs kill 10 soldiers
-Soldiers kill 2 Orcs
-1 civilian corpse seen

Ride of the Rohirrim: 190
-12 Rohirrim killed by Orc archers
-178 Orcs run down or killed by Rohirrim soldiers

The Pyre of Denethor: 1
-Denethor knocked into funeral pyre by Gandalf and killed

The Battle of Pelennor Fields: 126
-Rohirrim soldiers kill 8 Orcs
-Eomer kills 2 Orcs
-Eowyn kills 9 Orcs
-Theoden kills 2 Orcs
-Merry kills 3 Orcs and 2 Haradrim soldiers
-72 Rohirrim soldiers killed by Haradrim Mumakils
-Rohirrim soldiers kill 11 Haradrim soldiers
-Haradrim soldiers kill 5 Rohirrim Soldiers
-12 Haradrim soldiers fall to their deaths off of Mumakils
-Haradrim leader killed by Eomer

Victory at Minas Tirith: 63
-King Theoden Mortally wounded by the Witch King’s steed
-Witch King of Angmar killed by Eowyn
-15 Orcs killed by the Army of the Dead
-Legolas kills 2 Orcs and 13 Haradrim soldiers
-Aragorn kills 19 Orcs
-Gimli kills 6 Orcs
-Mumakils kill 5 Orcs and Rohirrim
-Gothmog killed by Aragorn

The Tower of Cirith Ungol: 39
-Gorbag kills 2 Uruk-Hai
-9 Uruk-Hai and Orcs killed in the ensuing fight
-24 bodies seen throughout the tower
-3 Uruk-Hai killed by Sam
-Gorbag stabbed by Sam

The Mouth of Sauron: 1
-Mouth of Sauron beheaded by Aragorn

The Black Gates: 28
-Aragorn kills 5 Orcs
-Legolas kills 5 Orcs
-Gimli kills 2 Orcs
-Gandalf kills 2 Orcs
-Eomer kills 1 Orc
-Merry kills 1 Orc
-Pippin kills 2 Orcs
-10 Orcs killed by Rohirrim and Gondorian soldiers
-1 Soldier killed by an Orc

Mount Doom: 5
-Gollum thrown into the fires of Mount Doom by Frodo
-Sauron killed when the Ring is destroyed
-3 Nazguls killed by the destruction of Mount Doom


Mumakils, horses, Wargs, and the Nazgul’s steeds were not counted. There were hundreds of bodies visible in the Battle of Pelennor fields, but there was no way of knowing whether or not these were already seen being killed in the battle, so altogether no bodies were added to the final tally. I like to avoid uncertainty in my counts. Millions of Orcs fall to their deaths when Sauron is killed,, but it is impossible to get an accurate count of them. I did not count any kills when a character slashes off screen at an Orc, as there is no way of telling whether or not these hits were fatal. I kept to the minimum once again when counting mass groups of Orcs being taken out, to avoid overcounting. There were at least two boulders launched in the siege of Gondor that it was impossible to get an exact number for. Faramir’s entire troop of soldiers in the Osgiliath attack are wiped out in a hail of arrows, but the deaths are never shown, so I couldn’t count them. The Army of the Dead also wipes out the entire army of Corsairs, but these deaths are also never shown.