The Horde (2009) Body Count Breakdown

The Horde [La Horde] (2009) Body Count Breakdown By Jawsunleashed


Ouessem (Jean Pierre Martins) 38
René (Yves Pignot) 57
Aurore (Claude Perron) 7
Adewale (Eriq Ebouaney) 5
Bola (Doudou Masta) 2
Jimenez (Aurelien Recoing) 1
Joe (Joe Prestia) 2


Opening: 1
-Mathias Rivoallan body shown

The Assault: 4
-Jimenez stabs one thug
-Bola shoots the concierge
-Bola shoots the informer
-Adewale shoots Jimenez

Infection begin: 4
-Zombie Informer breaks a thug’s neck
-Zombie Informer bite a chineese thug to the death
-Adewale blows Zombie Informer’s head
-A thug is eaten by zombies

Dark Corridor: 2
-Joe Stabs one zombie several times in the head
-Aurore beats a zombie to death

Rest: 5
-René Axes a Zombie
-One dead suicided is seen
-A zombie girl chopped a guys head offscreen
-Adewale put zombie girl out of her misery
-Aurore kills Tony

Escape: 2
Joe Killed Bola offscreen
Adewale crushs Joe’s head

One against three hundred: 39

Ouessem kills 38 zombies
Ouessem is killed by zombies

Exit: 60
Aurore shoots two zombies
Adewale shoots one zombie
René shoots 4 zombies
René shoots 5 zombies
Aurore shoots one zombie
Aurore breaks a zombie’s neck
René shoots 7 zombies
René shoots 30 zombies
René blows up 9 zombies and himself

The end: 1
Aurore shoots Adewale


Many zombies are shot, but if it was not a headshot I didn’t count it.
And a lots of characters shoot zombies offscreen, bu I didn’t count since we don’t see if it was lethal or not.

There were a lot of bodies in the cave, but some of them were zombies and there was no way to know who was still alive, and who was not.