Tactical Force (2011) Bodycount Breakdown

Tactical Force (2011) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Hunt (Michael Jai White): 5
Tate (Steve Austin): 3
Jannard (Lexa Doig): 1
Storto (Darren Shahlavi): 1


Market: 3
-Jannard shoots 1 would-be-robber
-Hunt shoots 1 would-be-robber
-Tate throws the last would-be-robber head-first into a glass window, killing him

Going In: 1
-Storoto shoots Blanco

Staircase: 1
-Hunt breaks a gangster’s neck

“Do You Speak English?”: 1
-Hunt chokes 1 gangster to death

Office Fight: 1
-Tate breaks Tagliaferro’s neck

Sewers: 1
-Hunt strangles Vladmir to death with a pipe

“Meet My Grandma!”: 1
-Hunt grenade launches a van, killing 1 gangster

Warehouse Finale: 1
-Tate pushes the thug leader onto a pipe, impaling him