Star Trek: Generations (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Star Trek: Generations (1994): Body Count by Rorschach94


Dr. Tolian Soran (Malcolm McDowel): 46
Lt. Commander Worf (Michael Dorn): 15
Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Partick Stewart): 1


The Nexus: 1
-Enterprise B helmsman killed by an exploding control panel

Amargosa: 6
-5 corpses present in the station, killed by Romulan soldiers
-1 Romulan corpse also present

Plasma Coils: 15
-Data enables the Klingon ship’s cloaking device, allowing Worf to destroy the ship with a single torpedo, killing Lursa, B’Etor and at least 13 other crewmen

Too Late: 45
-Soran fires the missile and destroys the sun, which destroys Veridian 3 killing at lest 45 Enterprise crewmen, although this is erased moments later by Captain Picard traveling back in time

Stopping Dr. Soran: 2

-Picard locks the missile in place, causing it to explode and kill Soran
-The bridge that Soran shot collapses, causing Kirk to fall to his death


Two El-Aurian ships are destroyed by the Nexus, killing 368 people offscreen. There are also more Klingons killed on the Duras sister’s ship, but only 15 are shown. The Enterprise D is destroyed by Dr. Soran, killing everyone on board, though only 43 are shown and the timeline is later changed by Picard and Kirk. The Enterprise sustains light casualties during the battle with the Duras sisters, though none are shown.