Solomon Kane (2009) Bodycount Breakdown

Solomon Kane (2009) Body Count by luvmetender009


Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) – 48
Marcus Kane/Overlord (Samuel Roukin) – 3
The Witch (Isabel Bassett) – 13
Henry Telford (Philip Winchester) – 2


Intro/Raid – 28
-Solomon kills 11 Ottoman soldiers
-16 Ottoman soldiers blown up
-Solomon shoots surviving Ottoman soldier

Mirror Room – 12
-5 of Solomon’s soldiers pulled into mirror vortex by demons (they’re most likely devoured)
-Solomon shoots 1 of his own
-6 of Solomon’s soldiers killed offscreen

Bound For Hell – 1

-Dead king seen

Funeral / Years Later – 1
-1 corpse seen in funeral procession

Solomon’s Journey – 7
-7 hung bodies seen

The Devil Was Here – 13
-13 corpses killed by the witch seen

Raiders Attacks – 1
-Raiders kills 1 person

Massacre – 16
-Raiders cuts Samuel’s throat
-Raiders kill Edward
-Solomon kills 8 raiders
-Raiders accidentally kills 1 of their own
-Solomon kills 4 raiders
-William succumbs to his wounds

On the Trail of Meredith – 8
-Solomon shoots 2 raiders
-Solomon cuts down 2 raiders while on horseback
-Solomon kills 2 more raiders
-2 raiders’ corpses seen, killed offscreen by Solomon

Town – 1
-Hanged body seen

“Feed them with what?” – 3
-Solomon kills 3 accursed

Graveyard – 4
-Corrupt priest’s decapitated head seen, killed offscreen by robbers
-Solomon kills 2 of the robbers
-Solomon throws third robber to the accursed where he gets devoured (not Solomon’s kill)

Crucification – 7
-2 crucified victims dies of their wounds
-Henry kills 1 raider
-Solomon’s allies kills 4 raiders

Axemouth Castle/Welcome Home, Solomon Kane – 12
-Solomon stabs the Witch
-Solomon’s allies kills 1 raider
-Henry kills 1 raider
-Solomon kills 1 raider
-1 person killed offscreen (someone shouts, but victim is unseen)
-Solomon kills 3 raiders
-Overlord kills 3 of Solomon’s allies
-Solomon’s allies kills 1 raider

Prison – 2
-Solomon kills 1 raider
-Solomon mercy kills his own father

Tunnel – 2
-Solomon kills 1 raider
-Solomon’s allies arrows 1 raider

Malachi’s Chamber – 2
-Solomon burns and decapitates Overlord
-Solomon shoots Malachi


-There are too many corpses in the Treasure Chamber to get a proper number.
-Many of the fighting tends to focus on Solomon alone.
-Several skulls were seen in Axmouth Castle.
-Solomon banish the demon back to the nether-world it belongs to, but it isn’t a sentient being.