Rush Hour (1998): Body Count Breakdown

Rush Hour (1998) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker): 5
Sang (Ken Leung): 11
Thomas Griffin/Juntao (Tom Wilkinson): 4
Johnson (Elizabeth Pena): 1
Agent Whitney (Rex Linn): 1


“Just Rush Hour”: 2
-Sang shoots Soo Yung’s driver
-Sang shoots Soo Yung’s bodyguard

The Drop: 9
-Sang’s phone bomb blows up an apartment building, killing the 9 cops inside

“Thank You and Goodnight”: 31
-Griffin shoots 3 agents
-A Triad shoots 1 agent
-Another Triad shoots 1 more agent
-Whitney shoots 1 Triad
-Johnson shoots 1 Triad
-Carter shoots 2 Triads off-screen (the gunshots are heard and the bodies are shown)
-Carter shoots 1 Triad while running
-Carter shoots another Triad with dual pistols
-8 dead Triads seen on the ground, shot by the agents
-3 dead agents are seen
-Agents shoot 2 Triads
-A Triad shoots 1 agent
-5 Triads seen dead
-1 agent is seen dead

“Wipe Yourself Off, You’re Dead”: 1
-Carter shoots Sang

“You Know He Dead!”: 1
-Griffin hits Lee with the bag of cash, causing him to slip over the railing and onto the bomb vest where it eventually rips and he falls to death in a pool below


-Lee beats up many people throughout the film but none of them appeared to have been killed
-Carter kicks a henchman in the throat at the Foo Chow Restuaraunt but he seemed to get back up