Resident Evil: Extinction (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007): Body Count by gregglop09


Carlos (Oded Fehr): 60
Alice (Milla Jovovich): 24
Claire (Ali Larter): 12
Chase (Linden Ashby): 11
Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen): 3
L.J. (Mike Epps): 3
Mikey (Chris Egan): 2
K-Mart (Spencer Locke): 1
Otto (Joe Hursley): 1


Flashback: 2
One and a Commando killed by laser grid

Blood Sample: 47
Alice clone killed by laser booby trap
46 Alice clones are seen dead (the rest are too close together to count)

Tricked: 4
Alice kicks Eddie in the head, killing him
Zombie Dogs eat 3 people

Open Road: 1
Otto runs a zombie over

Gas Station: 2
Alice kills Zombie Stevie with a crossbow
1 dead guy seen hanging

Motel: 2
Carlos shoots a zombie
L.J. breaks a zombie’s neck

Domesticating: 2
A zombie eats 2 scientists

Desert Birds: 5
Zombie Crows kill 3 people
Zombie Crows peck Otto and Betty to death

Testing: 1
Alice Clone killed by zombies

Las Vegas: 68
Alice shoots 1 zombie with a shotgun
Alice breaks a zombie’s neck
Alice kills 15 zombies with dual knives
Carlos shoots 17 zombies
Carlos shoots Zombie L.J.
Claire shoots 12 zombies
Chase shoots 8 zombies with his high-powered rifle
Chase throws himself and 2 zombies off of his tower to their deaths
L.J. shoots 2 zombies
Mikey shoots 2 zombies
K-Mart blows a zombie’s head off with a shotgun
Zombies kill 4 people
Zombies kill/eat Mikey
1 dead body seen

Rooftop: 4
Alice shoots 3 Umbrella Guys
Helicopter Pilot shoots 1 zombie

Sacrifice: 41
Carlos runs down 20 zombies with the truck
Carlos blows up 20 zombies and himself by lighting a joint and igniting the gas tank in the truck

Mutating: 3

Isaacs kills Slater
Isaacs kills 2 guards off-screen

Tyrant Fight: 6
Isaacs/Tyrant is diced up by the laser grid after a Alice Clone activates it
5 dead bodies seen