Red Headed Stranger (1986): Body Count Breakdown

Red Headed Stranger (1986): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Reverend Julian Shay-(Willie Nelson) 8
Larn Claver-(Royal Dano) 2
Sheriff Reese Scoby-(R. G. Armstrong) 1
Odie Claver-(Sonny Carl Davis) 1


Windmill Attack: 1
Odie-shoots Cauley Felps

The Hanging: 1
Larn-accidently scary the horse and causes Odie to hang

Revenge: 2
Julian-shoots his wife and her lover

Horse Thieves: 2

Julian-shoots Cindy in the head
Julian-shoots a man off a horse

Geting My Horse Back: 3

-one of the horse thieves shoots Laurie worker
Julian-shoots the 2 horse thieves whit a rifle

The Final Showdown: 5

Julian-shoots Calvin Claver
Julian-shoots Eugene Claver
Larn-shoots his own son Victor off a horse
Scoby-shoots Avery Claver
-one of the town people shoots Larn Claver