Priest (2011) Bodycount Breakdown

Priest (2011) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Sheriff Hicks (Cam Gigadent): 17
Priestess (Maggie Q): 15
Priest (Paul Bettany): 12
Black Hat (Karl Urban): 4
Owen (Stephen Moyer): 3
Lucy (Lilly Collins): 1


Intro: 2
-Vampires kill 1 Priest
-Vampires kill 1 Priestess

Barn: 4
-Owen shoots 3 Vampires
-Vampires kill Shannon

Bar Escape: 4
-Priest re-directs another cop’s gun and shoots 1 cop
-Priest shoots 1 cop
-Priest breaks a cop’s neck
-Priest throws the last cop against the wall and he lands on his head, breaking his neck

“Kill ‘Em All”: 1
-Owen dies of the wounds inflicted by the vampires

“Where’s The Girl?”: 2
-1 dead security guard seen decapitated
-Hicks throws a hatchet into a Familiar’s head

“Save Your Bullets”: 2
-Priest slashes a Familiar’s throat with another’s knife
-Priest stabs a Familiar in the back

Too Late: 7
-Priest kills 2 Vampires with “holy-knives”
-Priest stabs 1 Vampire
-Priest breaks a Vampire’s neck
-Priest stabs 1 Vampire
-Vampires kill 1 Familiar
-Priest kills 1 vampire off-screen

Caves: 1
-Hicks shoots 1 mutated Vampire

Town Massacre: 14
-Black Hat kills the train station guard
-Vampires eat 10 townspeople
-Black Hat rips 1 of the Priest’s heart out
-Black Hat kills the other 2 Priests off-screen

Stopping The Train: 4
-Priestess kills 1 Familiar with his own axe
-Priestess causes 1 Familiar to crash, sending him flying to his death and his motorcycle crashing into another at full speed, killing him
-Priestess pulls the last Familiar apart with her knife-whip

Train: 27
-Hicks shoots 1 vampire hanging down
-Hicks shoots 1 vampire with his rifle
-Hicks shoots out the trains headboards, causing the sun to roast 14 vampires
-Lucy throws a lantern at The Salesman, setting him on fire
-Priestess crashes her motorcycle into the train, detonating the explosives, blowing the train up, killing Black Hat and 9 other vampires


-More vampires could have been killed in the train explosion but only 9 are visibly seen dying