Paycheck (2003:) Body Count Breakdown

Paycheck (2003:) Body Count by Gregglop09


Micheal Jennings (Ben Affleck): 5
Wolfe (Colm Feore): 1


Subway Tracks: 2
Bad Guy accidentally shoots another
Wolfe shoots the other bad guy

Bike Chase: 2
Driver is killed when a truck slams into his car
Bad Guy is blown up when he crashes into a tunnel

Memories: 1
Micheal imagines he is shot and killed by a sniper

Final Showdown: 6
Micheal shoots gas canisters, blowing up 3 bad guys
Micheal breaks a bad guy’s jaw with a bamboo stick (I know it’s silly but I watched it in slow-mo and it looked fatal)
Micheal’s nitrogen/gun trap blows up the machine, killing Wolfe
Rethrick is shot by a sniper


-Micheal and Rachel beat the crap out many bad guys at the end, but none of them were killed.
-The knocked-out bad guys may have been killed in the end explosion but since none of them were seen dying, they are not counted.