Operation: Endgame (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Operation: Endgame (2010): Body Count by Eggimann


The Fool (Joe Anderson): 2
Temperance (Odette Yustman): 2
Chariot (Rob Corddry): 2
Susan (Beth Grant): 2
Empress (Ellen Barkin): 1
Heirophant (Emilie de Ravin): 1
Hermit (Zach Galifianakis): 1
Tower (Brandon T. Jackson): 1


Devils´Office: 1
Devil corpse seen, was stabbed with pencils

Offices: 1
Empress kills Emperor by slashing his throat

Room: 1
Heirophant kills Judgment by stabbing him in the head with a table leg

Files: 2
Tower kills High Priestess by stabbing her in the throat with a bookend
Chariot kills Tower with a paper shredder

Toilets: 1
Temperance stabs Heirophant in the back a dozen times with a paper cutter

Air Vent: 1
Chariot sets the magician on fire

Halls: 1
Hermit throws a pair of scissors into Chariots eye

Final Showdown: 2

Temperance kills Empress by pushing a water bottle into her mouth, she drowns
Hermit is killed off screen in the explosion

Plot Twist Time!: 4
The Fool has killed Temperance by stabbing her in the head with a paper cutter
The Fool breaks the neck of some random guy
Susan shoots Carl and Neil in the head