Operation Delta Force 4: Mayday (1999) Body Count Breakdown

Operation Delta Force 4: Mayday (1999) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Capt. Skip Lang (Greg Collins): 20
McKinney (Joe Lara): 15
Sparks (Gary Hudson): 7
Vickers (Johnny Messner): 7
Laurie Granger (Hayley DuMond): 2


Bosnia: 21
-1 civiilian shot by soldier
-4 killed by Delta force sniper
-2 UN Workers killed by solider
-Lang, McKinney & co. blow up 2 soldiers and shoot four others (five of these kills are shared with Lang)
-Delta members blows up 3
-Delta teammate kills 1
-Delta member shot
-Sparks shoots a soldier who jumps in the air after being shot
-2 more soldiers blown up

San Diego County Administration Center: 1
-Walter assassinated by a bullet that shoots out his microphone (Yes, you read that right)

Snow House: 7
-Lang & co. shoot 5 (McKinney shares 2 kills with them)
-McKinney kills 2 others

Escape on Snow Skis: 5
-Lang RPGs another snowmobile (possibly killing the knocked-out henchman next to it)
-McKinney shoots 4 men on skies with his AK-47

Railway Car Shootout: 11
-Sparks, Vickers & another kill 1
-At least 9 passengers and the driver are not seen getting out the railroad care when it explodes

Train Tracks: 7
-Sparks shoots a soldier off the train
-1 dead soldier’s body seen on a parked train car
-Vickers shoots 4
-Sparks shoots another

Ambush: 8
-Lang and McKinney shoot 2
-Lang kills 5
-Lang tosses a lit bomb inside the tank’s cannon causing the (off-screen) gunner/pilot to blow himself up

Zeus Bomb Defusing: 15
-Vickers kills 2 with grenades
-Vickers is gunned down by the two soldiers
-A soldier shoots a hostage
-Laurie kills 2
-Sparks shoots a guard off the stairway
-Delta sniper kills 2 while sliding down a rope
-Lang & McKinney kill a wounded soldier in the tunnel
-Sparks kills 2 others while sliding down a rope
-Delta sniper kills the soldier who shoots Lang & Sparks
-Sparks and Lang die from bullet wounds (lame melodrama scene ensues)