Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2005) Body Count Breakdown

Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2005) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregglop09)


John Smith (Brad Pitt): 53
Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie): 32


Poker Game: 4
-John shoots Lucky
-John shoots PJ, Mickey, and Leroy offscreen

Apartment: 1
-Jane breaks Marco’s neck

House: 7
-John shoots 1 agent
-John earlier kicked a grenade into the gas tank, blowing up the house and killing 5 agents in the explosion
-John runs down 1 agent

Freeway: 7
-John pulls the pin off 1 agent’s grenade in another car, blowing up him and the driver
-John throws 1 agent out of the van into oncoming traffic
-Jane blows up 2 cars, killing 4 agents

Live Feed: 3
-John shoots 3 agents

Capturing Danz: 4
-John blows up the room’s doors, killing 3 agents and Nick in the blast

Department Store: 26
-John beats 2 assassins to death with a pipe
-Jane throws knives into 4 assassins
-John beats 1 assassin to death with his MP5
-Jane shoots 3 assassins
-John shoots 8 assassins
-Jane snipes 5 assassin
-John shoots 2 more assassins
-Jane shoots another assassin

Top Floor: 11
-John shoots 4 assassins
-Jane mows down 7 assassins with the RV’s gatling gun

Roof: 23
-John shoots 7 assassins
-Jane shoots 1 assassin
-1 assassin is accidentally blown up by a comrade’s RPG
-John shoots 8 more assassins
-Jane shoots 6 more assassins