Martial Law (1991) Body Count Breakdown

Martial Law (1991) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal


Dalton Rhodes (David Carradine): 16
Wu Han (Philip Tan): 10
Sean Thompson (Chad McQueen): 1


He knows who was driving: 1
– Rhodes kills Zeke with a bo staff

The one with a pulse wins: 1

– Rhodes kills Kong with a heart stopping punch

Hey, Thompson: 1

– Thompson’s informer Ling gets a ninja star in the back

Airstrip aftermath: 2
– Cops discover the bodies of two criminals that tried double crossing Rhodes

Kill him, he would kill you: 2

– Rhodes shoots ‘Faster’ Brown
– Rhodes kills Michael Thompson

Airport massacre: 15
– Four guards are gunned down by a squad of gunmen
– Rhodes shoots a potential drug seller
– Rhodes and Wu Han guns down the remaining members for their crew (it is impossible to tell who shoots who)(shared)
– Wu Han shoots the last member as he tries to run off

End fight: 1
– Sean kills Rhodes with Rhodes own heart stopping punch