Killer Elite (2011) Body Count Breakdown

Killer Elite (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(Previously done by Satan Claus)

[Character Kills]

Meier (Aden Young): 5
Danny Bryce (Jason Statham): 4
Hunter (Robert De Niro): 2
Spike Logan (Clive Owen): 2
Jake (Michael Dorman): 2
Ranulph Fiennes (Dion Mills): 1
Warwick Cregg (Grant Bowler): 1
Simon McCann (Daniel Roberts): 1
Davies (Dominic Purcell): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

La Joyita, México: 6
One of the target’s bodyguards is shown dead, strangled by Meier
Meier blows up the first car with a car bomb, killing 2 of the target’s bodyguards
Danny shoots one of the target’s bodyguards
Danny shoots one of the target’s bodyguards in the head
Danny shoots the target

Death Flashbacks: 3
Fiennes shoots Hussain bin Amr
Cregg shoots Salim bin Amr
McCann shoots Ali bin Amr

Attempted Escape: 2
Hunter shoots 2 of Bakhait’s men

“Case closed”: 1
Harris is shown dead, having been pushed onto a shower step by Meier

Apartment: 1
Davies suffocates the painter with a plastic sheet

Base/March: 1
Danny drugs Cregg’s coffee with insulin and chlorpropamide, causing him to eventually go into shock and die of hypothermia outside

Last Hit: 1
Meier remotes controls a truck to hit the brakes, causing McCann’s car to crash into it, killing McCann

Docks: 2
Jake shoots Campbell in the back of the head, causing the bullet to go through Campbell’s skull and accidentally shoot Meier (who was struggling with him) in the head (Jake’s kills)

Foot Chase: 1
Davies is hit by a truck

Building Escape: 1
Spike shoots the M16 Man

“But this is going to end”: 1
Spike stabs Sheikh Amr with a knife

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Many beatdowns/knockouts but nothing fatal
-Several non-lethal gunshot wounds

[The Final Tally= 20]