If Looks Could Kill (1991) Body Count Breakdown

If Looks Could Kill (1991) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Michael Corben (Richard Grieco): 12
Ilsa Grunt (Linda Hunt): 3
Zigesfeld (Tom Rack): 2
Mariska (Gabrielle Anwar): 1
Augustus Steranko (Roger Rees): 1
Kelly (Travis Swords): 1
Blade (Roger Daltrey): 1
Imposter Driver (Tedd Dillon): 1


Meeting: 1
-Zigesfeld bashes Lefevre’s head in with a tea tray

Chateau assault: 2
-Blade kills 1 goon by making him crash his ATV
-Ilsa kills Blade by strangling him with her whip

Detroit airport: 1
-Ilsa kills Agent Corben with a poisoned dart fired from a vacuum cleaner

Plane: 1
-Ilsa kills Agent Kramer by serving him poisoned bourbon

Rest stop: 1
-Goon kills the tour bus driver with a tire iron

On the road: 1
-Kelly shoots the goon posing as the bus driver

Palace Hotel: 1
-Zigesfeld blows up Areola Canasta with a direct hit from a rocket launcher

Chateau dungeon: 1

-Michael kills 1 goon by tricking him into stepping onto exploding chewing gum

Gold foundry: 6
-Michael shoots 2 goons
-Michael shoots 2 armed foundry workers
-Michael shoots 1 more goon
-Michael fights Zigesfeld and kills him by dropping a cage on top of him, knocking him into a giant vat of molten gold

Final showdown: 6

-Michael shoots 3 goons
-Steranko betrays Ilsa and kicks her out of the helicopter to her death
-Michael shoots 1 more goon
-Michael and Mariska shoot the helicopter, causing Steranko to fall from it and be buried alive in gold coins; the helicopter then crashlands on top of him


German finance minister Ludwig Krupp is shown being dragged away by Steranko’s goons and we hear him being punched offscreen. Whether or not he is killed is never said. In addition, Steranko is said to have had three other finance ministers killed prior to Lefevre, but these aren’t shown onscreen so I didn’t count them. And finally, Zigesfeld rips Kelly out of the bus and throws him aside into the woods but I don’t consider this a kill, regardless of how strong Zigesfeld is.