Hard Target [The Uncut Version] (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Hard Target [Uncut] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


Chance Boudreaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 31
Pik van Cleaf (Arnold Vosloo): 5
Emil Fouchon (Lance Henriksen): 3
Frick (Douglas Forsythe Rye): 2
Natasha Binder (Yancy Butler): 1
Uncle Douvee (Wilford Brimley): 1
Detective Carmine Mitchell (Kasi Lemmons): 1
Douglas Binder (Chuck Pfarrer): 1
Lopaki (Bob Apisa): 1


“Every nickel”: 2
-Frick and his partner shoot a gasoline container thrown by Binder and cause it to explode, accidentally
killing 1 mercenary in the blast (shared)
-Lopaki shoots Binder with an arrow

Evidence: 1
-Van Cleaf shoots Morton

Last Hunt: 3
-Fouchon shoots Zenan
-Van Cleaf shoots Elijah and a civilian

Road: 11
-Van Cleaf shoots Randall
-Carmine shoots 1 mercenary
-Frick shoots Carmine
-Chance shoots 1 biker
-Chance kicks 1 biker in the throat hard, breaking his neck
-Chance shoots the first car’s driver, causing the car to crash and explode, killing the other mercenary
-Chance rams 1 biker into a truck using his own motorcycle
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary and the driver in the jeep
-Chance then shoots up the jeep, causing it to explode and kill 1 mercenary inside

“A surprise for my friends”: 1
-Fouchon breaks Billy Bob’s collar bone with his foot after he had been poisoned

Cabin: 1
-Fouchon shoots 1 mercenary who was on fire

Woods: 1
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary in the helicopter

Warehouse Shootout: 25

-Chance blows up Frack with an oil can
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary
-Chance blows up 2 mercenaries
-Chance shoots 2 more mercenaries
-Chance shoots Stephan
-Chance shoots 3 more mercenaries
-Douvee shoots 1 mercenary with an arrow
-Natasha shoots Frick
-Chance shoots Peterson while swinging in midair
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary with dual pistols
-Chance shoots Lopaki
-Chance shoots 3 more mercenaries
-Van Cleaf accidentally shoots 1 mercenary on the staircase
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary, causing him to fly through a window
-Chance shoots Jerome
-Chance shoots another mercenary
-Chance shoots Van Cleaf
-Chance shoots the last mercenary
-Chance blows up Fouchon with a grenade