Half Past Dead (2002) Body Count Breakdown

Half Past Dead (2002) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


49er Six (Nia Peeples) – 8
Sasha Petrosevitch (Steven Seagal) – 6
49er One (Morris Chestnut) – 3
Lester McKenna (Bruce Weitz) – 3
Nicolas ‘Nick’ Frazier (Ja Rule) – 1
Special Agent Ellen Williams (Claudia Christian) – 1


Garage – 3
-1 FBI agent shot
-2 thugs shot (I assume they’re killed, the way this movie was filmed it is hard to tell but we never saw or heard form them again)

Takeover – 12

-49er Six shoots 4 guards
-49er Six breaks 1 guard’s neck with her thighs, then shoots 1 guard
-1 guard blown up by terrorists
-49er One shoots 2 guards
-Terrorists shoots 2 guards
-49er Six mercy kills one of her own

Preparing For the Execution – 1

-Kester shot by terrorists

Breakout – 1
-1 prisoner fell to death after failing to climb up rope attached to ceiling

Total Whiteout – 1
-Helicopter crashes, killing its pilot

That means I can kill everybody in this room and not feel bad about it – 1
-49er One kills the priest

Infirmary – 3

-Sacha kicks 1 terrorist headfirst into a cupboard, killing him
-Sacha beats 2 terrorists to death (the way Sacha beats them up didn’t actually look fatal enough, but they’re mentioned dead in a later dialogue)

Standoff – 2

-Terrorists kills 2 Secret Service agents

Boiler Room – 2

-Sacha booby traps fuel tank, blows up 1 terrorist
-Nick shoots 1 terrorist about to sneak up on Sacha

Cell Block Shootout – 5

-49er Six shoots Little Joe
-1 corpse seen
-Sacha shoots 2 terrorists
-Agent Williams shoots 49er Six

Say Goodbye – 3

-Lester blows up himself, 49er One and the helicopter’s pilot