G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (2009) Body Count Breakdown

G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (2009) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun/Brandon Soo Hoo): 60 (59 as Byung-hun, 1 by Soo Hoo)
Duke (Channing Tatum): 17
Ana Lewis/Ana DeCobray/The Baroness (Sienna Miller): 15
Snake Eyes (Ray Park): 9
Scarlett (Rachel Nichols): 9
Heavy Duty (Adwale Akkinuoye-Agbaje): 3
Zartan (Arnold Vosloo): 2
Ripcord (Marlon Wayans): 1


Ambush: 25
-Neo-Viper Aircraft shoots down the 1st helicopter, killing the pilot and gunner
-Neo-Viper Aircraft shoots down the 2nd chopper, killing the pilot and gunner
-The first crashed helicopter lands on a Humvee, blowing it up and killing the passenger and driver
-Neo-Viper Aircraft blows up a second Humvee, killing the 2 soldiers inside
-Neo-Viper Aircraft blows up the missile Humvee, killing the 3 soldiers inside
-Neo-Viper Aircraft blows up Duke and Ripcord’s Humvee, killing the 2 soldiers in front of it
-Neo Vipers on foot shoot 6 soldiers
-The Baroness shoots 2 soldiers
-Neo-Viper shoot 3 soldiers in the background
-1 dead soldier seen in Humvee

Joes To The Rescue: 5

-Snake Eyes cuts down 1 Neo-Viper with his sword
-Snake Eyes shoots a Neo-Viper in the head
-Snake Eyes shoots the Neo-Viper Duke stabbed in the eye (not Duke’s kill)
-Scarlett shoots 1 Neo-Viper in the head with her crossbow, causing his head to explode
-Scarlett fires a crossbow bolt and it lands in a Neo-Viper’s eye, causing his head to explode

Sneaking In: 2
-A soldier is hit by a drill “car”
-Storm Shadow cuts down 1 soldier

“Good-Bye Sweet Heart”: 1
-Zartan stabs Cover Girl in the back through her PDA

Under Attack: 28
-Storm Shadow cuts 1 soldier down
-Storm Shadow sword-flips a soldier off a railing to his death
-Heavy Duty blows up the machines with dual grenade launchers, incinerating 2 Neo-Vipers (the ones on the left and right are full engulfed and thrown back pretty hard but only 1 of them survived)
-The Baroness shoots the 2 soldiers shooting at her
-Neo-Vipers blow up the control room with their pulse guns, killing 3 soldiers
-Ripcord drives a forklift through a Neo-Viper, impaling and pinning him to a wall
-Neo-Vipers shoot through 2 soldiers
-The Baroness shoots 2 more soldiers
-Heavy Duty shoves a grenade into the surviving Neo-Viper’s mouth, causing his head to explode
-1 dead soldier behind Snake Eyes seen
-Storm Shadow briefly cuts down a soldier while fighting Snake Eyes
-Storm Shadow cuts down another soldier
-2 soldiers are killed in the background
-A Neo-Viper shoots the top floor with his pulse gun, killing 2 soldiers in the blast and causing 1 to fall down a railing to his death
-Duke shoots a pack of grenades, sending 1 Neo-Viper into a huge fusebox, electrocuting him
-A soldier falls of a really high railing due to an explosion
-2 dead soldiers are seen in the background
-Duke knocks the last Neo-Viper down The Pit to his death

Getting Out: 1
-Zartan stabs an innocent Egyptian in the back off-screen

War Flashback: 1
-Duke shoots 1 enemy soldier

Signing In: 4
-Storm Shadow kills 4 security guards with throwing stars

Weaponizing: 1
-Storm Shadow shoots a scientist

“I Told I Would Kill Him If He Touched You Again”: 1
-Storm Shadow stabs Daniel DeCobray

Chase: 18
-The Neo-Viper Hummer crashes into 9 cars, killing all the drivers
-Scarlett shoots a Neo-Viper’s head off with her electronic crossbow
-The Baroness fires rockets at Duke and Ripcord, which blows up and incinerates 3 civilians (the 4th probably survived)
-The Hummer crashes into another car, killing the driver
-A train cuts off The Hummer, killing 3 innocent driver and the Neo-Viper inside

Tower: 50
-The Nanomites fall into traffic and eat 2 cars, killing the drivers after Storm Shadow fired the warhead
-The Nanomites eat 8 cars, killing all the drivers, caused by Storm Shadow
-The Nanomites eat the tower, causing it to collapse on the bridge, killing at least 40 people (Storm Shadow’s kills)

Death of a Master: 1
-Young Storm Shadow impales The Hard Master with a sword

Outside The Cap: 2
-Scarlett shoots the 2 Neo-Vipers guarding the ice cap with her vehicle’s weapons

Distraction: 5
-A Joe is hit by a Neo-Viper’s rocket and falls out of his SHARK
-Duke shoots the 2 Neo-Vipers next to McCullen
-A SHARK is shot down by the Neo-Vipers, killing the gunner and pilot

Control Room: 8
-Scarlett shoots a Neo-Viper with her crossbow
-Snake cuts down 1 Neo-Viper with his sword
-Snake throws a shurinken into a Neo-Viper’s eye
-Scarlett shoots 2 more Neo-Vipers with her crossbow
-Scarlett shoots a tech with her crossbow
-Snake cuts down a tech trying to attack him from behind
-Snake shoots the last Neo-Viper

Bunker: 3
-The 20th Neo-Viper shoots 3 Secret Service Agents

“Just Lost My Wingman”: 4
-4 SHARKS are blown up by the cannons, killing 4 Joes (2 guys in 1 SHARK)

Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow: 3
-Snake throws a shuriken into a tech’s chest
-Snake shoots a tech
-Snake throws a shuriken into a Neo-Viper’s eye and kicks him down the reactor, killing him

Escape: 8
-2 Neo-Vipers are seen dead (besides the ones shot by Duke earlier)
-Duke shoots 6 Neo-Vipers in a row

Underwater Chase: 15
-Ana shoots down 2 attack subs, killing 6 Neo-Vipers (3 guys in each sub)
-Duke blows up 3 Neo-Vipers in their sub with the “laser-artillery weapon”
-A Neo-Viper attack sub crashes into the sealed door, killing 3 Neo-Vipers
-Duke blows up the last attack sub, killing 3 Neo-Vipers


-The President’s death is heavily implied but he is not shown being killed
-Storm Shadow is stabbed in the chest by Snake Eyes and falls into the icy water but it is confirmed by various realible sources that he WILL appear in the sequel
-Any of the Neo-Vipers shot by their own pulse guns are counted due to the way they are shot and where they land