Forced Vengeance (1982) Body Count Breakdown

Forced Vengeance (1982) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Josh Randall (Chuck Norris): 9
Cam (Seiji Sakaguchi): 3
Stan Ramandi (Michael Cavanaugh): 1


Sam’s House: 1
-Sam is found with a bullet in his head, courtesy of Cam

Market: 1
-Josh shoots 1 assassin

Rooftop: 1
Josh kicks an assassin off a guard rail to his death

Leroy’s Place: 2
-Cam kills Leroy
-Claire’s dead body is shown, killed by Cam off-screen

Yacht: 4
-Josh kicks a henchman in the skull, killing him (blood is shown all over his face and he looked dead)
-Josh kicks a henchman off the boat and he drowns (he is not shown rising)
-Josh kills another henchman via skull kick
-Josh shoots 1 henchman about to sneak up on Chan

Deck Fight: 1
-Ramardi accidentally slips on some water, causing his head to fall back onto some rope and he falls off deck, breaking his own neck

Infiltration: 2
-Josh throws a knife into 1 guard and he bleeds out off-screen
-Josh kills 1 guard by shoving his neck into a tree branch

Final Fight: 1
-Josh kicks Cam through a glass door where a large piece of glass falls on his throat and kills him


-Josh knocks a guard out in the Infiltration scene but didn’t kill him