Exit Wounds (2001) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Exit Wounds (2001)

Starring Steven Seagal

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Seagal kills 15

Exit Wounds right held by Warner Bros.

Exit Wounds (2001) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Orin Boyd (Steven Seagal): 15
Latrell Walker (DMX): 2
George Clark (Isaiah Washington): 2
Chief Hinges (Bill Duke): 2
Matt Montini (David Vadim): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Bridge: 20
A Hitman shoots a Secret Service Agent in the head
Hitmen shoot 5 Secret Service Agents
Orin shoots a Hitman
Orin runs over a Hitman with a newspaper van
Orin shoots a Hitman
A Hitman shoots a Hitman who is being used as a human shield by Orin (Shared)
Orin shoots a Hitman
Orin shoots a Hitman causing him to fall out of a helicopter to his death
Orin shoots a fuel tank on a helicopter causing it to explode blowing up a Hitman pilot
Hitmen shoot 5 Secret Service Agents
Orin shoots 2 Hitmen

Club Fight: 1
Orin punches a thug bouncer in his throat with a chain wrapped around his fist then punches him through a glass booth killing him

Van: 2
Orin pushes Montini with his feet causing him to accidentally inject a corrupt cop in the neck with poison from a needle (Shared)
Orin kicks a corrupt cop out of a van and onto the van door causing him to get hit against a car killing him

Chase: 3
Mulcahy is killed in a car crash
2 corrupt cops are killed in a car crash

Final Showdown: 9
Orin shoots 2 corrupt cops with a shotgun
George shoots 2 corrupt cops
Hinges shoots a gas canister with a shotgun causing it to explode blowing up a corrupt cop
Hinges shoots Daniels with a shotgun
Cops shoot 2 corrupt cops
Latrell shoots a corrupt cop with a shotgun

Final Fights: 2
Orin places a helicopter’s ladder around a pipe causing it to be pulled loose and causes Lewis to fall onto and get impaled on a pipe
Latrell impales Montini through the head with a wall spike

[The Final Tally= 37]