Diabolik (1968) Body Count Breakdown

Diabolik (1968) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Diabolik (John Phillip Law): 9
Ralph Valmont (Adolfo Celi): 4


Syndicate Meeting: 3
-Valmont shoots 2 crime bosses
-Valmont drops Frank out of the plane through a trapdoor

Jewelry Heist: 4
-Diabolik kills 2 guards while sneaking into the castle
-Diabolik uses a mirror to make a car containing 2 policemen swerve off a cliff

Off the Human Register: 1

-Valmont shoots Dr. Vernier

Deal Gone Wrong: 4
-Diabolik blows up Valmont’s plane killing 3 goons and the pilot
-Diabolik kills the goon holding Eva hostage
-Diabolik shoots Valmont (with emeralds no less!)


Diabolik blows up several buildings but no bodies are seen and no casualties mentioned. Likewise he blows up a bridge causing a train to fall into the ocean, and although there were people aboard, Diabolik’s nemesis Inspector Ginko improbably survives and is seen floundering in the water. Likewise it’s probable (if a little silly) that the other policemen aboard the train survived.