Derailed (2002) Body Count Breakdown

Derailed (2002) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Jacques Kristoff (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 6
Mason Cole (Tomas Arana) – 3
Galina Konstantin (Laura Harring) – 1
Natasha (Lucy Jenner) – 1
Catherine (Simone Levin) – 1


Hijack -4
-Terrorist stabs train’s driver
-Catherine and Mason shoots 2 luggage attendants. 1 kill for each
-Natasha shoots 1 passenger

Train Car – 1

-Karena kills 1 terrorist

Please Do Not Test My Resort – 1
-Mason kills 1 innocent man

The Virus Leaks – 1
-Mason shoots Natasha

Engine Room – 1
-Jack hurls 1 terrorist into machinery where he is crushed (strangely without even a drop of blood visible)

Taking Back – 2
-Jack snaps Catherine’s neck
-Jack strangles Catherine’s lover

Traintop – 2

-Jack hooks helicopter’s ladder to top of train, causing Fritz to crash in a cheap-looking, poorly-done and obviously fake CGI explosion
-1 terrorist blown off carriage by explosion caused by Jack too (painfully obvious bluescreen effect)

Collision course – 2

-1 terrorist and Henry killed when train accidentally collides

Morning – 2
-Mason kills Vincent the conductor
-Jack causes Mason to be ripped into half by derailing train (again, no blood or gore. Must’ve been super-low budget special effects)