Deep Red (1994) Body Count Breakdown

Deep Red (1994) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Thomas Newmeyer (John de Lancie): 4
Joe Keyes (Michael Biehn): 1
Mack Waters (John Kapelos): 1


Rickman’s Office: 1
-Rickman (who is infected with the alien substance) is drained and shanked by Newmeyer

Dying Last Words: 1
-Ramirez’s is found in his office after already having the same incident happen to him by Newmeyer and dies while talking to Keyes

Crime Scene #3: 1
-Another victim of Newmeyer’s experiments seen in a police body bag

Experiment Goes to Hell: 3
-Det. Sgt. Eldon James’ body seen pinned to a fence in a lab after being drained by Newmeyer (off-screen)
-Mack blows up Newmeyer’s henchman (this alien race can only be destroyed via fire) by destroying his truck with a grenade launcher
-Keyes wounds Newmeyer in the shoulder via gunshot then burn him up by firing a flare gun at the propane tanks surrounding him causing an explosion to kill Newmeyer


Mack is shot by Newmeyer but he survives.
Monica is in critical condition thanks to Newmeyer’s experiments but since she’s the female lead, she doens’t die.