Death Sentence (2007) Body Count Breakdown

Death Sentence (2007) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(previously done by BodyCountMan)


Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon): 10
Billy Darley (Garrett Hedlund): 5
Bodie (Edi Gathegi): 1
Joe Darley (Matt O’Leary): 1


Gas Station Hold-Up: 2
-Billy shoots the clerk
-Joe slashes Brendan Hume’s throat with a machete and he dies in the hospital

Revenge: 1
-Nick stabs Joe in the chest with a combat knife

The Garage Chase: 1

-Nick ties Jamie up with the seatbelt and drives the car over a parking structure, crushing and killing Jamie

Home Invasion: 3
-The 2 cops guarding the Hume household are seen with their throats slashed, courtesy of Billy
-Billy shoots Helen and she dies in the hospital

Crackhouse: 1
-Nick shoots Tommy in the head

Death Of A Father: 1
-Billy shoots Bones

Hideout: 5

-Nick rams his car into Spink’s van, killing him instantly
-Nick shoots Heco
-Nick shoots Baggy
-Nick shoots Dog out a window to his death
-Nick shoots the last gangster

Final Shoot-Out: 1
-Nick shoots Bodie in the head

“You Ready?”: 1
-Billy dies of his gunshot wound inflicted by Nick off-screen (he was already dying when Nick cocked the gun, so he must have died, so Nick probably put the gun down and went home)

Home Movies: 1
-Nick dies of his gunshot wound inflicted by Bodie