Dead Snow [Død Snø] (2009) Body Count Breakdown

Dead Snow [Død Snø] (2009) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Martin (Vegar Hoel): 15
Vegard (Lasse Valdal): 10
Roy (Stig Frode Henriksen): 9
Hanna (Charlotte Frogner): 3
Liv (Evy Kasseth Røsten): 3
Herzog (Ørjan Gamst): 1


Opening: 1
-Zombies eat Sara

Camp: 1
-The Wanderer is disemboweled by a zombie

First Assault: 2
-Chris beheaded by zombies
-Zombies rip Erland’s head in half, and then eat his remains

Showdown: 1

-Vegard throws a zombie off a cliff

Chase: 4
-Hanna smashes a zombie’s head in
-Liv blows up herself and 2 zombies that were eating her intestines with a grenade

Tree: 1

-Hanna impales a zombie through the face with a tree branch

Avalanche: 1
-Hanna smashes in another zombie’s head

Battle: 33

-Roy kills 2 zombies with a sledgehammer
-Martin kills 5 zombies with a chainsaw
-Roy slashes 2 zombie’s throats with a scythe
-Roy smashes in another zombies head with a hammer
-Vegard mows down 6 zombies
-Vegard runs down a zombie with his snowmobile
-Vegard kills 2 zombies with snowmobile tire treads
-Zombies stab Vergard several times and then rip him into pieces
-Martin kills 3 zombies with an axe
-Roy axes 1 zombie
-Roy beheads 1 zombie
-Martin accidentally kills Hanna with the axe
-Martin shoots 5 zombies with a shotgun
-Roy beheads another zombie
-Martin beats a zombie to death

Escape: 1

-Roy accidentally disembowels himself on a tree

One Last Piece: 1

-Herzog kills Martin


The fate of the zombie impales on a tree by Vegard is left unknown. He’s still alive when last seen, but presumably is killed by Vegard later. Hanna also kills a crow.