Dawn Of The Dead [The Unrated Cut] (2004) Body Count Breakdown

Dawn Of The Dead [The Unrated Cut] (2004) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94

Ok, here’s what I did. I counted the initial deaths for people who are killed by zombies but not killed by other characters on screen. And if they were killed on screen by someone else, I counted that kill.


C.J. (Michael Kelly): 58
Kenneth (Ving Rhames): 14
Michael (Jake Weber): 9
Norma (Jayne Eastwood): 8
Terry (Kevin Zegers): 6
Nicole (Lindy Booth): 6
Tucker (Boyd Banks): 6
Ana (Sarah Polley): 4
Andre (Mekhi Phifer): 4
Andy (Bruce Bohne): 2
Glen (R.D. Reid): 1


Descending to Chaos: 3
-Luis is bitten and dies, but comes back as a zombie
-1 man is run over by an ambulance
-A car is blown up, killing the driver

Opening Credits: 7
-4 corpses seen
-2 people shot by soldiers
-1 soldier and a cameraman killed by zombies

Store: 1
-Michael stabs 1 zombie with a croquet mallet

News Report: 6
-5 bodies visible in the fire
-1 zombie corpse thrown into the flames

Cleaning Up: 2
-C.J. shoots Ben’s zombie
-C.J. shoots another zombie

New Arrivals: 11
-Norma shoots 1 zombie
-Norma backs over 5 zombies (Their heads are all seen getting smashed)
-Andre shoots 3 zombies
-Michael shoots 2 zombies

Dying With No Name: 1
-Ana stabs the fat woman zombie through the eye

Difficult Choices: 1
-Kenneth shoot’s Frank’s zombie

Target Practice: 2
-Andy shoots the Jay Leno and Burt Reynolds lookalikes

Parking Garage: 9

-Bart is eaten alive by zombies
-Michael shoots 1 zombie
-Kenneth shoots 3 zombies
-C.J. shoots 1 zombie
-C.J. burns 3 zombies alive

“It’s a Girl”: 4
-Norma shoot’s Luda’s zombie
-Norma and Andre shoot each other
-Ana shoots the baby zombie

Rescue: 20
-Nicole runs over 6 zombies
-Michael shoots 3 zombies
-Kenneth shoots 3 zombies
-C.J. shoots 3 zombies
-Terry shoots 4 zombies
-Kenneth shoots Andy’s zombie

Getting Back: 15
-1 zombie corpse is shown (They never specify who killed it)
-Tucker shoots 6 zombies
-C.J. shoots 7 zombies
-C.J. shoots Tucker

Escape: 18
-C.J. shoots 1 zombie
-C.J. blows up 17 zombies (Couldn’t get a number from the explosion, so I just counted the bodies)

Crash: 9

-Glen accidentally kills Monica
-Glen is killed in the crash
-Ana shoots Steve’s zombie
-Terry shoots 2 zombies
-Kenneth shoots 1 zombie
-C.J. shoots 2 zombies
-Ana shoots 1 more zombie

Marina: 24

-C.J. shoots 8 zombies
-C.J. blows up 12 zombies (Again, minimum, hard to tell from the explosion
-Kenneth shoots 3 zombies
-Michael shoots himself

Ending Credits: 2
-Kenneth shoots 2 zombies


There were a lot of moments where characters shoot outside of the screen, and they obviously didn’t miss, but I couldn’t count them because it would have been impossible to tell if the shots were fatal or not.