Daredevil [Director’s Cut] (2003) Body Count Breakdown

Daredevil [Director’s Cut](2003) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Matthew Michael “Matt” Murdock/Daredevil (Ben Affleck): 19
Lester/Bullseye (Colin Farrell): 8
Wilson Grant Fisk/The Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan): 3
Officer Robert McKenzie (Jude Ciccolella): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Alley: 1
Kingpin punches Jack Murdock in the face killing him

Bar Fight: 21
Daredevil uses a thug as a human shield and he is shot by another thug (Shared)
Daredevil launches his billy club into a thug’s head, killing him
Daredevil beats a thug to death with his staff
Daredevil beats 6 thugs to death with his billy clubs
Daredevil flips a thug onto the floor back-first, breaking it
A thug accidentally shoots another thug
Daredevil kicks a thug into the path of another thug’s gunfire
Daredevil jump-kicks a thug in the head, killing him
Daredevil kicks a thug head-first off a railing, causing him to fall to his death
Daredevil jump-kicks a thug in the head off a cage, killing him
Daredevil throws his billy club at a thug’s head, killing him
3 thugs are shot by ricocheted bullets from a fan from other thugs
Daredevil jump-kicks 2 thugs after jumping off the fan in their heads, breaking their necks

“Okay, but you’ll beat me there”. 1
Daredevil knocks Jose Quesada onto the train tracks, where he is run over by the train and sliced in half off-screen (body parts are shown)

Bath: 1
McKensie shoots Lisa Tazio in a vision

“I do”: 2
Kingpin hits one of his bodyguards in the neck with his cane, killing him
Kingpin breaks one of his bodyguards neck with his bare hand

“Bloody Irish piece of trash”: 1
Bullseye throws pins of a paper clip into the Drunken Englishman’s throat, killing him

Plane: 1
Bullseye flicks a peanut into an old woman’s throat, causing her to choke to death

“I’m not the bad guy”: 1
Daredevil beats The Abusive Father to death with his bare hands

Stealing a Motorcycle: 1
Bullseye throws a pen into a biker’s head, killing him

Street Assassination: 3
Bullseye throws shurikens into Stavros’ Friend’s throat causing the limo to crash into a news truck, killing him
Stavros dies from Bullseye throwing shurikens into his throat
Bullseye throws Daredevil’s billy club into Nikolas Natchios’ chest, killing him

“It was fun”: 1
One of Kingpin’s bodyguards body is seen stabbed in the throat with pencils by Bullseye

“Now, for my next trick”: 1
Bullseye stabs Elektra through the stomach with her own sai, killing her (Comes back to life)

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Daredevil throws Bullseye out of the church window and onto a car but he survives

[The Final Tally= 35]