Charlie Valentine (2009) Body Count Breakdown

Charlie Valentine (2009) Body Count Breakdown by RANTBO


Charlie ‘Fuckin’ Valentine (Raymond J. Barry) – 08


The Break-In [09]
– Long Haired Dude slips on a rope and falls to his death
– A guy named Joey shoots Wiseass
– Old Guy shoots Joey
– Joey shoots Marco in a death spasm
– Beanie Guy shoots 2 guys
– Beanie Guy is shot down by a couple guys
– Old Guy executes one of Beanie’s killers
– Rocco shoots Sal

Blood Red [01]
– Dominic brutalizes Red

Lookin’ For A Valentine [01]
– Vendetti gets shot by Charlie’s Friend

Charlie Gets Old School [01]
– Charlie shoots a cage fighter in the face

“Why not?” [08]
– Charlie shoots two of Ferucci’s Security Guards
– Charlie bleeds out Dominic with some well placed straight-razor cuts
– Charlie shoots Rocco in the head
– Charlie shoots 2 of Rocco’s Goons*
– Charlie shoots Ferucci
– *One lived and shoots Charlie, who then finishes him off before he succumbs to the wounds


– Old Guy is last seen being tortured, but his fate is unknown. (The Break-In)
– Charlie talks about killing 2 men, but they are never shown.
– It’s assumed that Charlie’s Friend (Lookin’ For A Valentine) succumbs to his wounds, but it’s never verified.