Carl Weathers (1948-2024)

Carl Weathers has passed away.

“Damn” was really my only thought when I first heard the news. Weathers was hugely iconic to anyone who loves action cinema. Apollo Creed, Dillon, Action Jackson: Characters that loom large in the imagination. Yet, despite such a fantastic list of roles to his name, it always felt like he should’ve been a bigger star. How could anyone see what a lightning rod of charisma he was in his greatest roles and not think “Why wasn’t this guy one of the biggest movie stars in the world?” It takes a special talent, after all, to play Rocky Balboa’s greatest rival and his best friend.

In spite of his movie star screen presence, Weathers would slide comfortably into his status as a character actor later in his career. His hilarious, unforgettable roles in “Happy Gilmore” and “Arrested Development” showed he had a true talent for comedy, not just tough guy theatrics, and introduced him to a whole new generation of fans. Weathers was one of those actors who was rarely anticipated but always a complete delight whenever he popped up in something, as he often did in TV shows and animated series over the last two decades. Even in smaller roles or random commercials, he was always a classic.

Carl Weathers seemed like one of those guys who would always be around. Larger than life yet warmly familiar. Maybe that’s why his sudden passing hurts. Everyone here at AOBG sends condolences to his friends and family.

Seek peace and God bless, Apollo.