Bunta Sugawara Killcounts

Movies Series⤵
Fog Drifts Into A Sad Town

In The Town Of Pathos, The Fog Falls

Secret White Line Zone

Call-Girl Territory

Queen Bee’s Anger
Haunted Cave

Girl Diver Of Spook Mansion

Blood Sword Of The 99th Virgin 5
Daigaku No Goreijô
Female Slave Ship 34
Female Thief And The Bomb

Female Thief’s Explosive Embrace

Binan Kaimasu
Taiheiyô Sensô: Nazo No Senkan Mutsu
Black Breasts

Brutal Woman / Dark Breasts

Kôshitsu To Sensô To Waga Minzoku
Female Beast

Vicious Female Detective

Hadaka No Tanima
This Is A Man’s World
Five Violent Girls
Invitation To The Enchanted Town

Village Of A Thousand Persons

Yu No Machi Ahimai
Love New And Old
Big Laugh With The Jirocho Family-Pistol-Packing Subordinates
Sora To Umi No Kekkon
A Legend Or Was It?

Legend Of A Duel To The Death

Look Up, The Stars At Night
Iroboke Yokuboke Monogatari
From The Kawachi Wind: Beating Drum
World Comrades Disappear In The Harbor
The Scent Of Incense
Nippon Paradise
The Shape Of Night

The Beautiful People

Kuchikukan Yukikaze
Blood And The Law
Escape And The Law

Pier Without Pity

The King Of Highway
High-Ranking Yakuza
High-Ranking Yakuza Returns: A Man’s Rage
Sword: Flower-Strewn Path Of Courage
Face Of The Dice
Fire And The Law
By A Man’s Face Shall You Know Him 2
Sora Ippai No Namida
The Kii River

The River Kino

Purgatory Force: Assault Case
Secret Agent 101
Soul Of A Man

Man’s Spirit

Rebellion Of Japan
Abashiri Prison: Duel In The Blizzard

A Story From Abashiri / Snowstorm Combat / Abashiri Prison: Duel In The Snow Storm


The Marked Man



Red Peony Gambler: Gambler’s Obligation

Woman Gambler Kanto Affair

Ballad Of Murder

Ballad Of Death / Assassin’s Counting Song

Gambler Biography
Wicked Priest

Karate Killer Priest / The Evil Priest / Priest Killer / The Scoundrel Priest

The Fast Liver
The Cursed Pond

The Ghost-Cat Of The Cursed Lake / Ghost-Cat Swamp Of Hatred

A Profligate Soldier

Scoundrel Soldier

Kyôdai Jingi Gyakuen No Sakazuki
Wolves Of The City: The Hussy And The Hooligans

Delinquent Boss – Ocho, The She-Wolf

Modern Yakuza – Outlaw’s Code 24
Yakuza On Foot
Modern Yakuza – Outlaw’s Honor And Humanity

Outlaw’s Code

Yakuza Law: Lynching
Japan Organized Crime Boss

The Boss

Memoir of Japanese Assassins

Secret Of Japanese Assassinations

Kantô Tekiya Ikka
The Private Police

Cruel Brothers / Organized Violence

The Bad Boss 3
Furyo Bancho Okuri Ookami
The Killer Priest’s Journey
Outlaw Corps
Brothers Serving Time

Three Ex-Con Brothers

Bloodstained Clan Honor

Bloody Gambles

Red Peony Gambler: Oryu’s Return

This Is Oryu / Woman Gambler: Oryu Comes

Kantô Tekiya Ikka: Goromen Jingi
New Brotherhood’s Honor And Humanity
Furyô Banchô: Ikkaku Senkin
Kantô Tekiya Ikka: Tennôji No Kettô
Nippon Dabi Katsukyu
Postwar Secrets

The Underground Syndicate / Secret Story – Plundering The Jewel

How To Win At Gambling
The Last Kamikaze
Blind Yakuza Monk

Ballad Of Death / Killer’s Song Of Mercy / Whipmaster

Thugs Of Shinjuku
A Lively Geisha

Geisha’s Sword

Wicked Priest 4: Killer Priest Comes Back
Wolves Of The City: Checkmate
Furyo Bancho Boso Bagi-Dan
Furyo Bancho Kuchi Kara Ddemakase
Gokudo Kyojo Tabi
One Way Passage To Death
Gambler’s Code – Loyalty Offering
Fight At The Fire Festival
Wicked Priest 5: Breaking The Commandments

The Bloody Priest / The Evil Priest: Cast A Net Of Drunken Anger

Gendai Yakuza: Sakazuki Kaeshimasu
Kigeki Toruko-Buro Osho-Sen
The Kanto Brothers’ Code Of Honor
Trials Of An Okinawa Village 14
Today’s Yakuza: Three Decoy Blood Brothers
Furyo Bancho Yarazu Buttakuri
Just Out Of Jail: The Vipers Brothers
Viper Brothers: Crual Gratitude
Chivalrous Woman – I Request Shelter
Evil Boss vs. Henchmen
Red Peony Gambler: Execution Of Duty

Red Peony: To Side With Duty

The Viper Brothers: Prison Gang 13
Cherry Blossom Fire Gang
Street Mobster 2
Gokudo’s Notorious Reputation
The Viper Brothers: 18 Extortion Threats
Cold Wind Monjiro: None Of My Business
Outlaw Killers: Three Mad Dog Brothers 8
The Red Silk Gambler

Tiger Lily / Street Of Corruption

Cold Country Wind Monjiro
Quarreling With Yakuza

Yakuza And Feuds – True Account Of The Ando Gang

Delinquent Street
Battles Without Honor And Humanity

The Yakuza Papers / War Without A Code

The Viper Brothers: Jail – Living For 4 1/2 Years
Dangerous Trade In Kobe
The Viper Brothers: Extortion Plot For 3,000,000 Yen
Yokosuka Navy Prison
Hoodlum Gangster

Yakuza Student

The Viper Brothers: Up On 30 Charges
Violent City

Violent Streets

The Tattooed Hitman 3
Lubang Tô No kiseki: Rikugun Nakano Gakkô
Evil Yakuza vs Mamushi Brothers
Violent Fraternity
New Battles Without Honor And Humanity 1
True Account Of Hishakaku – A Wolf’s Honor And Humanity
The Viper Brothers And The Young General
Cops vs Thugs 1
International Gangs Of Kobe 9
New Battles Without Honor And Humanity 2: Boss’s Head

The Boss’s Head

Yokohama Underworld: The Machine Gun Dragon 24
New Battles Without Honor And Humanity 3: Boss’s Last Days

The Last Days Of The Boss

Truck Rascals III: Homesick Ichibanboshi
Bakamasa Horamasa Toppamasa
Truck Rascals IV: Fully Licensed
Japan’s Don: Great Yakuza War
Honor Of Japan
Truck Rascals V: Ichibanboshi The Brave

Trucker Yaro V – Truckstar Of Guts

The Boxer
Japan’s Don – Saga Of Ambition

Japanese Godfather: Ambition

Truck Rascals VI: Momojiro, The One And Only
Shinjuku’s Number One Drunk-Killer Tetsu

Dog Whistle

Trucker Yaro VII: Another Odyssey Of Momojiro
Noisy Dynamite
Japanese Don: Conclusion

Don Of Japan: Big Schemes

Truck Rascals VIII: Ichibanboshi Returns North
The Boss’s Boss
Dog Of Fortune
Trucker Yaro IX: A 5000 Km Run
The Man Who Stole The Sun 2
Beautiful Girl Hunter

Star of David: Beauty Hunting

Truck Rascals X: Hometown Express

Run, Truck Rascal, Run!

Shishi No Jidai
Battles Without Honor And Humanity: The Complete Saga
The Gate Of Youth
Flames Of Blood
To Trap A Kidnapper
The Happy Yellow Handkerchief
The Story Of A Man Among Men
The Burmese Harp
The Samurai
The Hall Of The Crying Deer

Rokumeikan, High Society of Meiji

The Lady In A Black Dress
My Phoenix
Kita No Kuni Kara ’92 Sudachi
Distant Justice 13
The Man Who Shot The Don
Shôkyôto Mystery 11: Iyo Yumeshibai Satsujin Jiken
An Angel With Many Scars
I Went To

Alley Cat / Playboy

Shura Group
My Grandpa 2
The Great Yokai War

Spook Warfare

The Battery
Shirahata No Shoujo


No Kills In: The Pledge, Battles Without Honor And Humanity: Deathmatch In Hiroshima [Hiroshima Death Match / The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 2: Deadly Fight In Hiroshima], Battles Without Honor And Humanity: Proxy War [The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 3: Proxy War], Battles Without Honor And Humanity 4: Police Tactics [The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 4: Police Tactics], Battles Without Honor And Humanity 5: Final Episode [The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 5: Final Episode], Father Of The Kamikaze, Great Jailbreak, Truck Rascals, Truck Rascals II: Ichibanboshi Runs Wild [Trucker Yaro II: The Wild Trucker], Yellow Fangs, Spirited Away, Tales From Earthsea, Wolf Children

Series Movies⤴
Tuesday Suspense Theater
Chûsotsu Tôdai Icchokusen Mô Kôkô Wa Iranai!
Furuhata Ninzaburô
Tokugawa Yoshinobu
Sensei Shiranaino?
Genroku Ryôran
Toshiie To Matsu: Kaga Hyakumangoku Monogatari
Welcome To The High Plains
The Vulture

Hagetaka: Road To Rebirth


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.