Bulletproof (1996) Body Count Breakdown

Bulletproof (1996) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Jack Cates (Damon Wayans): 9
Bledsoe (Jeep Swenson): 4
Archie Moses (Adam Sandler): 3


Warehouse: 5
Jack shoots 1 dealer
Cops shoot 3 dealers
Dealers shoot 1 cop

Ambush: 13
Bledsoe shoots 4 cops
Jack shoots 1 bad guy off his motorcycle
Bad Guy Sniper shoots 6 cops
Bad Guys shoot 2 cops

Plane: 2
Jack shoots 1 bad guy
Pilot’s dead body seen

Motel: 1
Jack shoots 1 bad guy

Car Chase: 3
3 bad guys crash off of a cliff and blow themselves up

Colton’s Mansion: 8

Jack shoots 4 bad guys
Archie shoots 2 bad guys
Jack shoots Bledsoe
Archie shoots Colton