Body Weapon Body Count Breakdown

Body Weapon (1999) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Officer Hu (Vincent Zhao/Chiu Man Cheuk) – 1
Miriam Ling (Angie Cheung) – 2
Brother 1 (Elvis Tsui) – 1
Brother 2 (Pinky Cheung) – 2, both shared with Clarence Fok
Brother 3 (Clarence Fok Yiu-leung) – 2, both shared with Pinky Cheung


Date Night – 2
-Brother 2 and 3 brutally beats up the boyfriend then shove him into a car’s boot where he suffocates
-Brother 2 and 3 take turns raping the girlfriend to death

Wedding Day – 1
-Brother 1 beats Officer Li to death

Nightclub – 1

-Miriam Ling stabs Brother 3 to death with a barbecue skewer

Gym – 3
-The Chief Inspector’s corpse is seen, killed offscreen by one of the brothers
-Officer Hu breaks Brother 2’s neck
-Ling crushes Brother 1’s neck with a doorframe