Bloodfist (1989) Body Count Breakdown

Bloodfist (1989) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal


Kwong (Joe Mari Avellana): 2
Jake Raye (Don “The Dragon” Wilson): 1
Michael Raye (Ned Hourani): 1
Chin Woo (Cris Aguilar): 1


Opening fight: 1
– Michael Raye kills an, at the time, unnamed fighter in the ring

Alley: 1
– Michael Raye is killed in an alley by an, at the time, unknown killer

Old man: 1
– The old man is found murdered in his apartment by Michael’s killer

Baby: 1
– Baby dies from injuries sustained in his fight against Chin Woo

Kwong: 1
– Jake Raye kicks Kwong into some spikes killing him