Navy SEALs (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Navy SEALs (1990): Body Count by Gregglop09


Hawkins (Charlie Sheen): 12
God/Dane (Bill Paxton): 5
Ramos (Paul Sanchez): 4
Graham (Dennis Haysbert): 3
Leary (Rick Rossovich): 3
Curran (Micheal Biehn): 2


Opening: 1
1 guy in helicopter shot by terrorists

Rescue: 6
Hawkins shoots 2 terrorists
Curran shoots 1 terrorist
SEALS shoot 2 terrorists
Terrorist execute 1 guy

Pinned Down: 10
God snipes 3 terrorists
Hawkins shoots 2 terrorists
Graham shoots 2 terrorists
Hawkins blows up 3 terrorists with a grenade/gas tank

Missiles: 2
Hawkins shoots 2 terrorists

Hostage: 2
Hawkins shoots 1 terrorist
SEALS shoot 1 terrorist

Standoff: 4
Hawkins shoots 2 terrorists
Graham shoots 1 terrorist
Terrorists shoot Graham

“Your God Can’t Help You Now”: 3
God shoots 2 terrorists
Terrorists shoot God

“We’re Going To Have Company”: 5
Ramos blows up 3 terrorists in building
Hakwins shoots 1 terrorist
Curran shoots 1 terrorist

Chase: 8

Leary blows up APC with a Stinger, killing the driver and gunner
Terrorists accidentally blow up 5 of their own men
Terrorists shoot Rexer

Boat: 2
Leary shoots 1 terrorist
Ramos blows up the boat with a grenade, killing 1 terrorist

Underwater Fight: 1

Hawkins slits Shaheed’s throat