BCB: The Player

The Player (2015) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Alex Kane (Philip Winchester): 22
Dominic McCall (Joseph Sikora): 9
Gunnar Torvald/The Norseman (Patrick Brennan): 4
Mislav Subek (Christopher Heyerdahl): 4
LVPD Detective Cal Brown (Damon Gupton): 3
Aaron Suarez (Gerardo Celasco): 3
Listo Salvado (David Castaneda): 3
Isaiah Johnson (Wesley Snipes): 2
Cassandra King (Charity Wakefield): 2
NSA Agent Jones (Ramon De Ocampo): 2
Jacob Dagan (Sala Baker): 1
Piotr Mironov (N/A): 1
NSA Agent Rehnquist (Jonno Roberts): 1
Wei (Kenny Leu): 1
Javier Cruz (Michael Irby): 1
Reaper (Anthony “Treach” Criss): 1
Prez (Adam Ryan Rennie): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 1 “Pilot”: 8

Desert: 1
Justin Foucault is shown dead, shot by a thug

Casino Kidnapping: 5
One of Tomas’ men shoots one of Raqiv’s men
One of Raqiv’s men shoots one of Tomas’ men
Alex shoots one of Tomas’ men
Alex shoots one of Tomas’ men in the head
Alex impales one of Tomas’ men on a spike from a blackjack table

Standoff: 1
Alex shoots one of Tomas’ men in the head

Morgue: 1
A woman is shown dead covered in a sheet, having died from unknown causes

Episode 2 “Ante Up”: 18

Armored Truck Heist: 6
McCall’s men detonate charges on the doors of the truck, blowing up 2 guards
McCall shoots 2 guards
McCall throws grenades on the road, blowing up 2 cops in their cars

“When they hit, they hit hard”: 1
McCall shoots Westlake

Holding Escape: 2
Alex shoots Wilkes
Alex shoots one of McCall’s men

Drone Attack: 1
A drone pilot fires a missile at a truck, blowing up Tomas

Street Shootout: 4
McCall shoots 2 guards with a shotgun
Alex shoots one of McCall’s men
Alex shoots Costa

Standoff: 1
Alex shoots one of McCall’s men in the head

Plane Fight: 2
Alex stabs one of McCall’s men in the neck with his own knife
Alex forces McCall to shoot one of McCall’s men flying the plane (Shared)

Freefall Fight: 1
McCall pulls the ripcord on Alex’s parachute, causing himself to fall down to the ground to his death

Episode 3 “L.A. Takedown”: 8

Road: 1
Suarez snipes Jamey Cook in the head off-screen (Death is confirmed)

Meeting: 2
A photo of David Mino is shown, sniped in the head by Suarez
A photo of Peter Balis is shown, sniped in the head by Suarez

Car Chase: 2
A cartel thug crashes his truck over a hill, causing it to crash, killing himself and another cartel thug

Accident Flashback: 1
A man is shown dead in a car, having been killed in a car accident

Roof: 1
Cassandra shoots a cartel thug in a helicopter

“It’s nothing personal”: 1
Cassandra snipes Suarez

Episode 4 “The Big Blind”: 5

Mansion: 1
Devin Long is shown dead, shot in the head by Dagan

Car Chase: 1
Piotr crashes his motorcycle into a parked car, blowing himself up

Hotel Attack: 2
Alex suffocates Geutirrez with a plastic sheet
Alex knocks Adler over a railing with a 2×4, causing him to fall down a staircase to his death

Standoff: 1
Alex shoots Dagan

Episode 5 “House Rules”: 11

Train Station Shootout: 4
Alex shoots 2 of Zeng’s men
Jones shoots 2 of Zeng’s men

Betrayal: 1
Rehnquist shoots Jones

Helipad: 5
Wei shoots Rehnquist
Alex shoots 4 of Zeng’s men

“I’m the sword”: 1
Johnson breaks Zeng’s neck

Episode 6 “The Norseman”: 7

Meeting: 2
2 soldiers are shown dead in photos

Pool: 1
A woman is shown dead, decapitated with a battle axe by The Norseman

Police Station Escape: 3
The Norseman shoots 3 cops

Final Fight: 1
Johnson breaks The Norseman’s neck with rope

Episode 7 “A House Is Not A Home”: 2

Bank: 1
Javier’s bomb blows up a lawyer

Mausoleum: 1
Samuel Letts is shown dead, throat cut by a thug

Episode 8 “Downtown Odds”: 12

Truck: 1
One of Reaper’s men is shown dead, shot in the head by Mislav

Parking Lot Video: 2
Mislav shoots 2 of Reaper’s men

Desert: 1
Reaper’s men beat Hector to death

Club Attack: 3
Listo and a Los Bravos gangster shoots 2 of Reaper’s men (Shared)
Reaper and Prez shoot a Los Bravos gangster (Shared)

Research: 1
A gangster is shown dead in a photo, shot by Mislav

Parking Lot Ambush: 2
Alex shoots 2 of Mislav’s men

Hospital: 1
Imani dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by one of Mislov’s men

Standoff: 1
Listo shoots Mislav

Episode 9 “Tell”: 3

Street Shootout: 3
Cal shoots a thug
Cal shoots 2 thugs with a shotgun

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Many beatdowns/knockouts but nothing fatal
-Many non-lethal gunshot wounds

[The Final Tally= 74]