Mr Inbetween Season 1 Body Count Breakdown

Mr Inbetween Season 1 (2018) Body Count Breakdown by Nomoredogsleft

[Character Kills]

Ray Shoesmith (Scott Ryan): 7

[Corpse Breakdown]

Episode 2 “Unicorns Know Everybody’s Name”: 1

The Wrong Guy: 1
-Ray shoots Luke Henson several times when he tries attacking him with the shovel used to dig his own burial, then as he’s lying in the grave dying, is finished off with a shot to the head.

Episode 4 “On Behalf Of Society”: 3

Warehouse Outskirts: 3
-Ray mows down one of Davros’ men in the white van.
-Ray mows down one of Davros’ men after he exits the van.
-Ray mows down the last of Davros’ men driving past to survey the scene.

Episode 6 “Your Mum’s Got A Strong Box”: 3

Safe and Sound: 3
-Ray shoots Bobby, one of Davros’ men and Davros himself, all in the head, after Bobby accidentally pulls out a trip wire, pulling the pin on the frag grenade hidden in the mini-safe which explodes and incapacitates the gang.

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Lots of beatdowns and maimings but nothing fatal unless noted.
-Ray pushes Matty off a scenic overlook on the orders of Freddy but he’s last seen still crawling around at the bottom albeit badly injured, sending a message not to misuse the bet money he was supposed to put down for Freddy.
-Gary is beaten so badly by two thugs (later revealed to be part of Davros’ crew) he ends up in a coma but he recovers eventually
-Ray brutally kicks one of the thugs onto and through a glass table at his own home while beating and maiming the other in a club restroom.
-Gary shoots Vasilli in the head and Ray hacks into his arm with a cleaver in an attempt to dispose of his body, which immediately wakes him up, having survived the headshot (apparently it ricocheted off his skull).

[The Final Tally= 7]