Batman Forever Body Count Breakdown

Batman Forever (1995) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones): 6
Jack Napier (David U. Hodges): 2
Bruce Wayne/Batman (Val Kilmer): 1
Edward Nigma/Edward Nygma/The Riddler (Jim Carrey): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Helicopter: 1
Two-Face shoots one of his own men in the back

“Terminated!”: 1
Nygma ties Stickley to a chair and pushes him out a window then removes the helmet on his head dropping him to his death

Circus Tragedy: 3
Two-Face shoots the trapeze wire causing John, Mary and Mitch Grayson to fall to their deaths

Death Flashback: 2
Napier shoots Thomas Wayne
Napier shoots Martha Wayne

Car Chase: 8
Two-Face unintentionally shoots one of his own men’s cars with a rocket launcher blowing up 2 of his own men
6 of Two-Face’s men’s cars crash into a building blowing themselves up (3 cars, 2 in each car)

Batcave Finale: 1
Batman throws coins at Two-Face causing him to stumble off a ledge causing him to fall to his death

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Many beatdowns/knockouts but nothing fatal
-2 bank guards are mentioned to have been killed by Two-Face but their bodies/deaths aren’t shown

[The Final Tally= 16]