BCB: White House Down

White House Down (2013) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine


Conrad Cern (Kyle Gatehouse): 35
Emil Stenz (Jason Clarke): 22
Skip Tyler (Jimmi Simpson): 19
Mulcahy (Romano Orzari): 19
Capitol Officer John Cale (Channing Tatum): 12
Agent Martin J. Walker (James Woods): 7
Bobby (Patrick Sabongui): 5
Motts (Falk Hentschel): 4
Carl Killick (Kevin Rankin): 3
President James W. Sawyer (Jamie Foxx): 2
Donnie Donaldson (Nicolas Wright): 1


Walker’s House: 1
A photo of Kevin Walker shown, killed in action

Takeover: 62
Conrad’s bomb blows up three Capitol police officers and 32 civilians underneath the Capitol dome
Stenz shoots an agent with a nail gun
Stenz shoots a security guard while Bobby strangles a security guard
Stenz shoots a security guard
Stenz, Bobby, and Motts shoot three security guards (one each)
Stenz shoots two armory guards
Bobby shoots a security guard
Mulcahy shoots a security guard
Bobby shoots a technician
Mulcahy shoots a security guard
Bobby shoots a technician
Mercenaries shoot three security guards
Mercenaries snipe four agents
A mercenary snipes Fred in the throat
Stenz shoots a SWAT officer
Stenz and Motts shoot two SWAT officers
Stenz and mercenaries shoot two SWAT officers

Blue Room: 3
Killick shoots Agent Todd
Killick shoots Agent Reid
Killick shoots an agent

“You think you’re tough, bitch?”: 1
Cale shoots Ritter

“Sorry Ted”: 6
Walker shoots two technicians
Walker shoots three agents
Walker shoots Ted Hope

Library: 1
Cale forces Motts to shoot Bobby

Elevator Escape: 1
Cale shoots a mercenary

“Good morning, Mr. Secretary”: 1
Stenz shoots the Secretary of Defense in the head

“Get! Your! Hands! Off! My Jordans!”: 2
Sawyer kicks Chen repeatedly in the head killing him
Sawyer shoots Vadim

“The President has a rocket launcher!”/”That’s not something you see every day”: 6
Cale runs over the tennis net’s post causing it to hit a mercenary’s windshield causing him to crash killing a mercenary
Mulcahy shoots a tank with an RPG, blowing up the driver, gunner, commander, and loader

Roof: 28
Mulcahy shoots down the first helicopter with a Javelin, blowing up Colonel Cameron, two pilots, and four soldiers onboard
A helicopter shoots two mercenaries
Mulcahy shoots down the second helicopter with a Javelin, blowing up two pilots and four soldiers
Cale shoots Mulcahy
Cale shoots two mercenaries
Stenz shoots down the third helicopter with a Javelin, blowing up two pilots, two commanders, and causing six fast-roping soldiers to fall to their deaths

“God help us all”: 18
Tyler shoots down Air Force One, blowing up President Alvin Hammond, Jenna, Wallace, two pilots, and 13 others onboard

“Stop! Hurting! My! White House!”: 3
Cale cuts a mercenary’s throat
Cale stabs a mercenary
Donnie beats Killick to death with a German mantle clock

Marilyn’s Passage: 1
Tyler accidentally activates his bomb blowing himself up

“I hate mercenaries”: 1
Walker shoots Motts

“No jail for you, you little bitch!”: 1
Cale wraps a belt of grenades around Stenz’s neck then pulls the pins, blowing up his head

Nuclear Football: 1
Cale pins Walker against a wall and shoots him with a minigun