Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Starring Steven Seagal

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Seagal kills 24

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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal): 24
Marcus Penn (Everett McGill): 4
Travis Dane (Eric Bogosian): 4
Holy Mercenary (Denis L. Stewart): 4
Bobby Zachs (Morris Chestnut): 3
Mercenary #1 (Peter Greene): 2
Female Mercenary (Afifi Alaouie): 2
Scotty (Jonathan Banks): 1


Search and Rescue, Readville, Colorado: 4
-Penn shoots 2 workers
-2 soldiers shot by terrorists

Train Hijack: 11

-Scotty shoots the engineer
-The co-engineer is shot by a terrorist
-1 cook shot by a terrorist
-Casey chops 1 terrorist’s throat and throws him off the train
-Holy Mercenary and other terrorists shoot 3 more cooks
-4 dead hostages shown in helicopter

Getting the Code: 2
-Female Mercenary pushes Trilling off the train and he is then shot by Mercenary #1
-Mercenary #1 and Female Mercenary push Gilder off the train into the rocky water

Weapons Test: 2

-Dane destroys a plane with the satellite, killing its 2 pilots (as well as an unknown number of other people onboard)

Fighting Back: 6
-Casey slits Herb’s wrist and then subdues him, causing Herb to bleed to death
-Casey shoots 1 terrorist in the throat with his own pistol and throws him out of the train
-Casey kicks 1 terrorist off the front of the train and he is run over
-Casey shoots 2 terrorists
-Casey throws 1 terrorist off the side of the train

“You’re fucked!”: 3

-Casey blows up 1 terrorist with a bomb and sets him on fire
-Penn shoots 1 of his own men who was on fire
-Casey douses staircase in alcohol and then shoots 1 terrorist with a flare gun, incinerating him as well before kicking him off the train

Cliff: 4
-Casey pushes 1 terrorist down the cliffside
-Casey shoots cable holding 1 terrorist, causing him to fall down the cliff as well
-Bobby shoots Mercenary #3
-Casey cuts cable, dropping 1 terrorist down the cliff

Night: 17
-Casey breaks Mercenary #1’s neck
-Casey chops 1 terrorist’s throat
-Dane blows up stealth jet with the satellite, killing its pilot
-Casey throws a knife into 1 terrorist’s throat
-Casey shoots 2 terrorists
-Bobby shoots 1 terrorist
-Casey shoots 1 terrorist
-An Air Force officer is shot by a terrorist
-Casey shoots 2 terrorists
-Holy Mercenary unintentionally shoots 1 of his friends
-Casey shoots Holy Mercenary
-Dane blows up the second stealth jet with the satellite, killing its pilot
-Penn sticks a knife in Mercenary #2’s throat
-Bobby pushes Female Mercenary out of the helicopter
-Casey chokes 1 terrorist to death

“Nobody beats me in the kitchen”: 1

-Casey breaks Penn’s neck

Finale: 5
-The passenger train crashes into the petrol train, killing Scotty and 2 other terrorists onboard the first train, as well as the engineer on the second train
-Casey slams the helicopter doors on Dane’s fingers, slicing all of them off and dropping Dane into the blazing fire below


-Dane blows up an unknown quanity of people in an around a Chinese weapons plant, but none are shown in the blast.
-The commercial plane that Dane blows up has an unknown amount of people onboard including Dane’s target, but apart from the 2 pilots, none of the others onboard can be confirmed.
-There could’ve been more people on the petrol train, but only the engineer is shown before the crash.