Ultraviolet [Unrated] (2006) Body Count Breakdown

Ultraviolet [Unrated] (2006) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Violet Song Shariff (Milla Jovovich): 220
Vice Cardinal Ferdinand Daxus (Nick Chinlund): 5
Detective Breeder (Ryan Martin): 1


Opening: 13
-Soldiers cut down 5 scientists
-Cops gun down the 5 soldiers
-Detective Breeder shoots Ross
-A security guard shoots Song’s attacker
-A woman is seen dead

Escape: 13

-Guards shoot 2 of their own spun around by Violet (not Violet’s kills)
-Violet guns down 8 guards in the hallway
-Violet shoots 3 guards in the ventilation shaft

Roof: 12
-Violet guns down 12 guards

“Put Your Guns Down!”: 8
-Violet slices through 8 guards

Helicopter Chase: 8
-Violet shoots the 2 gunners in the first helicopter
-Violet shoots the 2 pilots
-Violet crashes her motorcycle into the second helicopter, killing the 2 gunners and both pilots

Rooftop Redux: 22
-All 22 Blood Chinos shoots each other

“Your Full of Shit!”: 6
-Violet backs into 6 soldiers with her car

Darkness: 4
-Phages gun down 4 soldiers

“Think You Can?”: 3
-Daxus shoots 3 Phages in a row

Phage Base Sword Fight: 23
-Violet cuts down 22 Phages
-Violet kills Nerva

Playground: 2
-Daxus shoots Six
-Daxus kills Violet (both are brought back to life)

Base Assault: 43
-Violet cuts down 1 guard on the rooftop
-Violet shoots 33 guards while entering
-Violet kills a soldier with another’s sword
-2 soldiers stab each other
-Violet stabs 6 soldiers

Library: 93
-Violet shoots a soldier with his own gun
-Violet guns down 41 soldiers
-Violet stabs 18 soldiers
-Violet shoots 19 more soldiers
-Violet slices 1 soldier to death
-Violet kills 13 more soldiers

“You’re All Going To Die”: 12
-Violet kills 12 soldiers off-screen (bodies are shown)

Final Showdown: 1
-Violet lights Daxus on fire and slices him in half


-Violet beats up/knocks around 12 guards during her escape but didn’t kill them