Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (2011) Body Count Breakdown

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Optimus Prime (Voiced by Peter Cullen) – 18 (All Transformers)
Starscream (Voiced by Charles Adler) – 17 (Humans)
Bumblebee (N/A) – 10 (6 humans, 4 Transformers)
Sentinel Prime (Voiced by Leonard Nimoy) – 5 (4 humans, 1 Transformer)
Laserbeak (Voiced by Keith Szarabajka) – 3 (Humans)
Ironhide (Voiced by Jess Harnell) – 2 (Transformers)
Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) – 2 (1 human, 1 Transformer)
Leadfoot (Voiced by John Di Maggio) – 2 (Transformers, shared)
Roadbuster (Voiced by Ron Bottitta) – 2 (Transformers, shared)
Topspin (N/A) – 2 (Transformers, Shared)
Barricade (Voiced by Frank Welker) – 1 (Transformer)
Ratchet (Voiced by Robert Foxworth) – 1 (Transformer)


War For Cybertron: 31 (Transformers)
-29 Transformers shown dying in the battle
-An Autobot shoots down two Decepticon ships

Government Missions: 6 (Humans)
-Bumblebee blows up five soldiers at a roadblock
-Laserbeak kills the Russian official

Loose Ends: 1 (Human)
-Laserbeak kills the NASA scientist offscreen

Office: 1 (Human)
-Laserbeak kills Wang

Highway: 10 (7 humans, 3 Transformers)
-Decepticons blow up 6 cars, killing their drivers
-Bumblebee kills Hatchet, who then crashes into a car and crushes it, killing the driver
-Ironhide kills Crankcase and Crowbar

Sentinel’s Betrayal: 5 (4 humans, 1 Transformer)
-Sentinel kills Ironhide
-Sentinel kills a soldier
-3 corpses seen in the aftermath of Sentinel’s attack

Decepticons Arrive: 2 (Humans)
-Decepticons blow up two moving police cars, killing their drivers

Chicago Devastation: 29 (Humans)
-Decepticons disintegrate 21 humans
-8 dead bodies shown on a train

Entering the City: 20 (19 humans, 1 Transformer)
-Decepticons blow up three fighters, killing their pilots
-Decepticons disintegrate 16 civilians
-Leadfoot, Roadblock and Topspin (The Wreckers) kill a decepticon

Rescuing Carly: 1 (Transformer)
-Bumblebee kills Laserbeak

Wingsuit Drop-In: 47 (46 humans, 1 Transformer)
-Two carrier helicopters are destroyed, killing at least 28 soldiers (10 soldiers, 2 mechanics, 2 pilots each)
-Starscream crashes 3 helicopters, killing at least 4 each (2 mechanics, 2 pilots)
-Two wingsuit soldiers killed by falling helicopters (Starscream’s kills)
-Decepticons shoot down one wingsuit soldier
-One decepticon crashes into a building

Tower Collapse: 3 (Humans)
-Two soldiers are crushed by a decepticon
-One soldier falls to his death from the tower as it collapses

Starscream Attack: 1 (Transformer)
-Sam blows up Starscream with one of Que’s grenades

No Prisoners: 3 (Transformers)

-Barricade executes Que
-Bumblebee kills a decepticon
-Bumblebee kills Soundwave

Final Battle: 33 (32 Transformers, 1 human)
-Soldiers kill Barricade and 2 other decepticons with Que’s grenades
-Optimus kills 13 decepticons
-Optimus kills Shockwave
-Bumblebee and Ratchet kill a decepticon
-Another decepticon is blown up by the autobots
-The Wreckers destroy a giant decepticon
-Optimus blows up two decepticon ships
-Cruise missiles blow up 8 decepticon ships
-Sam kills Dylan Gould
-Optimus rips Megatron’s head off
-Optimus executes Sentinel Prime


-Several cars are tossed around in the highway chase, but I only counted the ones that exploded
-Several soldiers are knocked about by Shockwave’s machine at Chernobyl, but they all appeared to survive
-Sentinel Prime knocks down several soldiers with explosions, but they all appear to survive
-Shockwave’s tunneling machine does not appear to be alive, so I didn’t count it as a kill

[THE FINAL TALLY= 193] (119 humans, 74 Transformers)