The Warrior’s Way Body Count Breakdown

The Warrior’s Way (2010) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Yang (Jang Dong-Gun): 77
Ron (Geoffrey Rush): 71
Saddest Flute (Ti Lung): 23
The Colonel (Danny Huston): 7
Lynn (Kate Bosworth): 3


Opening: 11
-Yang cuts down 10 assassins
-Yang kills “The Greatest Swordsman”

Tree Chase: 3
-Yang cuts down 3 ninjas

Flashback: 3
-The Colonel shoots Lynn’s father
-The Colonel executes Lynn’s baby sister and mother

Ship: 23
-23 dead crewmen are seen dead, killed by Saddest Flute off-screen

Rescue: 7
-Yang cuts down 7 cowboys

The Wrong Man: 1
-Lynn throws a knife into a cowboy’s head

Town Showdown: 115
-Ron shoots a stick of dynamite with his rifle, killing 5 cowboys
-Ron snipes another stick of dynamite, blowing up 8 cowboys
-Yang cuts down 13 cowboys
-A cowboy shoots 1 of his friends
-Ron shoots 2 more sticks of dynamite, blowing up 27 cowboys
-Ron shoots 2 cowboys
-Ron shoots 3 cowboys off the Ferris wheel
-Townspeople shoot 5 cowboys
-Yang cuts down 6 cowboys and decapitates another
-3 cowboys jump off the Ferris wheel to their deaths
-Ron’s dynamite blows up the Ferris wheel, killing 26 cowboys (9 on the actual Ferris wheel, 17 bodies)
-The Colonel shoots 1 circus freak
-A circus freak breathes fire on 1 cowboy, burning him to death
-Cowboys shoot 5 circus freaks
-The Colonel shoots 1 circus freak
-Cowboys shoot 3 circus freaks
-Circus freaks shoot 3 cowboys

Ninja Attack: 104
-The Colonel shoots 1 ninja in mid-air
-Yang cuts down 2 ninjas while in mid-air
-Yang cuts down 4 more ninjas
-1 dead ninja is seen in the background
-Ninjas slaughter 11 cowboys
-The Colonel executes 1 ninja
-Yang cuts through 17 ninjas
-Yang throws a dead ninja on top of another, crushing his head (you hear the crunch)
-Yang throws his sword into a ninja
-Cowboys kill 3 ninjas
-Ninjas kill 5 cowboys
-A cowboy cuts down 15 ninjas with a gatling gun
-A ninja slices the cowboy’s hand off, causing it to gun down 14 other cowboys
-Yang kills 2 ninjas with an iron
-Lynn stabs 1 ninja
-Yang kill 1 more ninja
-4 dead cowboys are seen by 8-Ball
-8-Ball dies of the gunshot wound inflicted by The Colonel
-19 additional dead bodies are seen

Stable: 13
-Cowboys gun down 4 ninjas
-Yang cuts down 7 cowboys
-A cowboy shoots Yang’s shield
-Yang cuts down the last cowboy

“I’ll See You In Hell, Little Girl”: 1
-Lynn kills The Colonel

Final Battle: 1
-Yang kills Saddest Flute