The Rock (1996): Body Count Breakdown

The Rock (1996): Body Count by Rutledal


John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery): 7
Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage): 3
Captain Frye (Gregory Sporleder): 3
General Hummel (Ed Harris): 1


Getting the Gas: 1
– One mercenary dies by accident

Shower of Bullets: 10
– 9 marines gets killed in the crossfire
– Captain Frye kills Shep

In and Below the Morgue: 5
– Mason throws a knife in a mercenary
– Mason causes a giant metal device to fall on a mercenary
– Mason kicks a mercenary causing him to fall and break his neck
– Mason sets a mercenary on fire
– Goodspeed shoots a mercenary

Reuniting: 1
– Mason breaks a mercenary’s neck

Muntiny: 3
– General Hummel shoots Sgt. Crisp
– Captain Frye shoots Gen. Hummel and Maj. Baxter

Rocket Man: 2
– Goodspeed launches Captain Darrow with a missile
– Mason throws a guy of a roof

Finishing Off: 2
– Mason causes a guy to get strangled to death
– Goodspeed forces a ball of nerve gas into Captain Frye’s mouth and breaks it