The Protégé (2021) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

The Protégé (2021)

Starring Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton

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Q kills 20
Jackson kills 12
Keaton kills 4

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The Protégé (2021) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Anna Dutton (Maggie Q/Eva Nguyen Thorsen): 24 (20 as Q/4 as Thorsen)
Moody Dutton (Samuel L. Jackson): 12
Michael Rembrant (Michael Keaton): 4
Chu (Phong Giang): 3
Duquet (Ray Fearon): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Da Nang, Vietnam, 1991: 4
Chu is shown dead, shot by Young Anna (Shown in a flashback)
3 of Chu’s men are shown dead, shot by Young Anna (Shown in a flashback)

“I came here for you”: 6
Anna stabs Don Preda in the neck with a knife embedded in her phone
Anna stabs Petru in the throat with a knife embedded in her phone
Anna breaks one of Don Preda’s men’s neck
Moody snipes 3 of Don Preda’s men

Mansion: 3
Claudia is shown dead, shot with a shotgun by an assassin (Shown in a flashback)
Anna imagines an assassin shooting Moody with a shotgun*
An assassin is shown dead inside a tub, shot with a shotgun by Moody (Shown in a flashback)

Dry Cleaning Store: 1
Benny is shown dead, having been scalded to death in a steam machine by an assassin

Bookstore Attack: 2
Anna shoots an assassin
Anna shoots an assassin in the head in a car

“Too bad”: 9
Duquet shoots Vohl in the head
Anna shoots 2 of Duquet’s men
Anna shoots one of Duquet’s men in the head
Anna throws a live wire in water, electrocuting 3 of Duquet’s men standing in it
Anna shoots 2 of Duquet’s men

Cell Fight: 3
Anna smashes one of Duquet’s men head-first into a wall, killing him
Anna punches a metal tray into one of Duquet’s men’s throat, killing him
Anna wraps a sheet around one of Duquet’s men’s neck then kicks him head-first into a sink, killing him

Aftermath: 1
One of Duquet’s men is shown dead, shot in the head by Anna

“End of the line, kid”: 4
Moody shoots 4 soldiers

Market Fight: 4
Rembrant smashes an assassin’s head into a wall then flips him onto a table neck-first, breaking it
Rembrant stabs a female assassin with her own karambit knife then uses her as a human shield and another assassin shoots her (Shared)
Rembrant beats an assassin to death with a meat tenderizer
Rembrant slams an assassin’s head onto a receipt spike, killing him

Apartment: 2
Anna shoots one of Duquet’s men in the eye through a peephole
Duquet is shown dead, hanged with a shower curtain by Anna

Street: 1
Moody shoots Ram in the head

Assassination Flashback: 1
Moody blows up Edward’s Decoy with a car bomb

“That wasn’t the plan”: 2
Moody blows up himself and Edward with a bomb

Death Flashback: 4
One of Chu’s men cuts off Anna’s Mother’s head with a machete
Chu shoots Anna’s Sister #1
Chu shoots Anna’s Sister #2
Chu shoots Anna’s Father

“Where would that be?”: 1
Anna shoots Rembrant

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-*Imagined kill

[The Final Tally= 48]