The Predator Body Count Breakdown

The Predator (2018) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine


Fugitive Predator (Brian A. Prince/Kyle Strauts): 25
Ultimate Predator (Brian A. Prince/Kyle Strauts): 15
Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook): 9
Gaylord “Nebraska” Williams (Trevante Rhodes): 4
Baxley (Thomas Jane): 4
Coyle (Keegan Michael-Key): 4
Agent Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown): 2
Nettles (Augusto Aguilera): 2
Dr. Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn): 1


Mexico: 3
Quinn snipes a cartel member
Haynes shown dead, skinned by the Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator shoots Dupree with its plasma caster

Stargazer Escape: 19
Fugitive Predator uses a scientist as a human shield
Fugitive Predator deflects fire into a scientist in the background
Fugitive Predator cuts down a Stargazer mercenary
Fugitive Predator throws a scalpel into a Stargazer mercenary’s eye
Fugitive Predator cuts a Stargazer mercenary’s throat with its claws
Fugitive Predator throws a scientist against a wall killing him (huge blood splatter)
Fugitive Predator kills a scientist in the background
Fugitive Predator throws a Stargazer mercenary into a wall, breaking his back
Fugitive Predator shoots three Stargazer mercenaries
Six soldiers shown dead, killed by Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator kills a soldier
Fugitive Predator throws a soldier to his death

“Get to the choppers”: 3
Ultimate Predator shoots down two military jets blowing up the pilots
Nebraska runs over a Stargazer mercenary with a motorcycle

“Everyone okay back there?”: 4
Fugitive Predator throws a shuriken into a Stargazer mercenary’s neck
Fugitive Predator cuts down three Stargazer mercenaries

Halloween: 1
The Predator mask shoots a drunken man with the plasma caster, blowing him up

“What’s the big one, doc?”: 1
Ultimate Predator smashes in the Fugitive Predator’s face with his fist then rips off his head

McKenna House: 2
Ultimate Predator stabs a Stargazer mercenary through the groin
Ultimate Predator guts a Stargazer mercenary

“The worst part is, you’re making me lie to my son”: 4
Quinn shoots two Stargazer mercenaries
Casey activates a grenade and stuffs it inside a Stargazer mercenary blowing him up
Nebraska slams a Stargazer mercenary headfirst into a fence

Predator Ship: 20
Quinn shoots Sapir in the eye with a tranquilizer gun
Nettles throws a knife into a Stargazer mercenary’s chest
Baxley stabs a Stargazer mercenary
Baxley cuts a Stargazer mercenary’s throat while Coyle holds him in place (shared)
Ultimate Predator shoots off Lynch’s arm and leaves him to bleed out
Coyle shoots two Stargazer mercenaries
Baxley shoots a Stargazer mercenary
Quinn shoots four Stargazer mercenaries
A Stargazer mercenary is shot by one of the Loonies (impossible to tell who)
Nettles shoots a Stargazer mercenary
Ultimate Predator slams a Stargazer mercenary into the fence electrocuting him
Ultimate Predator impales a Stargazer mercenary with a harpoon then pulls the line taut, causing it to decapitate three Stargazer mercenaries in a jeep
Nebraska shoots a Stargazer mercenary

The Hunt: 6
Traeger shoots one of his own men in the head
Ultimate Predator bites off a Stargazer mercenary’s head
Ultimate Predator shoots a Stargazer mercenary in half with his wrist blade
Traeger accidentally shoots off his own head with the plasma caster
Baxley and Coyle shoot each other as mercy kills

“What the hell are you?”/“Shut the fuck up”: 3
Ultimate Predator activates the deflector shields on his ship, cutting Nettles in half and causing him to fall off the ship to his death
Nebraska jumps into the Ultimate Predator’s ship turbines killing himself (shared with the Ultimate Predator activating the ship)
Quinn shoots Ultimate Predator several times in the head



Sean Keyes’ fate is unknown
Quinn blows up a Predator hound with a grenade launcher